Starr: What are you doing?

Cole: Telling Hope a story.

Starr: About what?

Cole: About a party I went to four years ago.

Starr: …so who are you?

Cole: I’m Cole.

Starr: And I’m Starr…

Starr: You were my hero that night and you have been ever since.

Five years ago today (October 10th) the character of Starr Manning on One Life To Live met Cole Thornhart. It was a simple moment that turned into four years of laughter, tears, heartbreak, but mostly LOVE. Their story is one of the best love stories I’ve ever seen told on TV. Unfortunately last year Brandon Buddy (Cole) decided to leave OLTL which led to the break up of the super couple. With the last months of the show winding down, I’m still hoping that Brandon/Cole will return for “his girls” and that this couple will get the ending it deserves.

Thank you Kristen and Brandon for bringing Starr and Cole to life. It is a journey I will never forget. Happy Anniversary!


Starr and Cole on General Hospital, 2/24/12

Hey guys, for those of you who didn’t get to catch Starr and Cole on General Hospital today, you can check it out here! (Source: ashleycramni)

Beautiful, Sad Words from One Life To Live's Starr & Cole's Final Scenes

Starr: We’ll make it.

Cole: Yeah I know I’ll make it as long as I know that your happy. That’s all I ask, promise me…. Starr, promise that you’ll be okay.

Starr: I can’t.

Cole: Starr, don’t let me ruin your life. Just keep shining.

30 Days of Sole

Day 14: Moment that Made Me Sad

Cole: What’s wrong? What happened? Is this because you gave the baby to Marcie? It was harder than you expected, right?

Starr: No… No, it’s not that.

Cole: Then what is it Starr? … Is it the baby? I thought everything was okay, is it not?

Starr: Cole, our baby did not make it. Our baby is dead.

Cole: Well, um, I don’t know how to do this.

Starr: We’ll make it.

Cole: Yeah I know I’ll make it as long as I know that your happy. That’s all I ask, promise me…. Starr, promise that you’ll be okay.

Starr: I can’t.

Cole: Starr, don’t let me ruin your life, just keep shining.

So I cheated for this day and picked two moments but I honestly could not choose. Both of these moments made me unbelievably sad. That moment when Starr tells Cole that their baby had “died”, the looks on their faces, the hurt, the anguish, it just kills me. Then their final scenes together, I just can’t. Thinking about them alone gives me chills and breaks my heart. You can see the love they have for each other and the pain that being separated is causing them. Both of these scenes are just incredibly sad.

onelifetolive ships
one life to live

starr and cole because they went through so much at such a young age

asa and renee- because she is the only one who waited out all of his badness and stayed until he was ready to settle

todd and blaire- because even when they cant live with eachother they cant live without eachother either

langston and markko- because he is one of the only dorian has said is good enough for one of her girls

bo and nora because they always manage to come back to eachother

gigi and rex because they are high school sweethearts that found their way back together

nash and tess/jess because nash is the first person to let tess be her self which also helped her and jess get intergrated

jess and brody because they were both in really bad spots and helped eachother become better

natalie and john because she brings light to his darkness

christian and layla because they love eachother simply

dani and nate because they are adorble

todd and tea because he actually loves her regardless of anything else

fish and kyle because kyle helped fish realize who he really is

blair and max because they had chemistry to die for

marcy and michael because he sees the inside of her and loves her because of who she is

matthew and destiny because true love is based on friendship and this is my otp

One Life to Live Relaunch


I loved it, everything’s so modern, fresh and appealing. The recast of Matthew and Destiny are gonna take some warming up to but the storyline for Matthew looks to suit the new guy. And the S bombs with the manning kids gave them some extra spunk.

I’m so excited for all the things to come and being able to watch online anytime is only gonna do wonderful things for this already great show!

The only thing that could make this better is if somebody mentions by some miracle Starr, Cole and Baby Hope are living happily ever after (off screen) somewhere out there! I think it could happen, One Life didn’t kill Cole and Hope ;) .

30 days of Sole

Day 20: Favorite Brandon quote about Kristen.

It’s never a good thing when you’re about to say something nice and she starts laughing. From SOD Heart and Sole, Kristen and Brandon interview.

I love this one, because it shows how cute Kristen can be with Brandon, and so amazing as well. Also, it was kind of funny when Kristen laughs when Brandon says something nice about her, because it sounds like she really loves them, just as much as both love each other and cherish their friendship.