Starr: What are you doing?

Cole: Telling Hope a story.

Starr: About what?

Cole: About a party I went to four years ago.

Starr: …so who are you?

Cole: I’m Cole.

Starr: And I’m Starr…

Starr: You were my hero that night and you have been ever since.

Five years ago today (October 10th) the character of Starr Manning on One Life To Live met Cole Thornhart. It was a simple moment that turned into four years of laughter, tears, heartbreak, but mostly LOVE. Their story is one of the best love stories I’ve ever seen told on TV. Unfortunately last year Brandon Buddy (Cole) decided to leave OLTL which led to the break up of the super couple. With the last months of the show winding down, I’m still hoping that Brandon/Cole will return for “his girls” and that this couple will get the ending it deserves.

Thank you Kristen and Brandon for bringing Starr and Cole to life. It is a journey I will never forget. Happy Anniversary!


Starr and Cole on General Hospital, 2/24/12

Hey guys, for those of you who didn’t get to catch Starr and Cole on General Hospital today, you can check it out here! (Source: ashleycramni)

30 Days of Sole

Day 14: Moment that Made Me Sad

Cole: What’s wrong? What happened? Is this because you gave the baby to Marcie? It was harder than you expected, right?

Starr: No… No, it’s not that.

Cole: Then what is it Starr? … Is it the baby? I thought everything was okay, is it not?

Starr: Cole, our baby did not make it. Our baby is dead.

Cole: Well, um, I don’t know how to do this.

Starr: We’ll make it.

Cole: Yeah I know I’ll make it as long as I know that your happy. That’s all I ask, promise me…. Starr, promise that you’ll be okay.

Starr: I can’t.

Cole: Starr, don’t let me ruin your life, just keep shining.

So I cheated for this day and picked two moments but I honestly could not choose. Both of these moments made me unbelievably sad. That moment when Starr tells Cole that their baby had “died”, the looks on their faces, the hurt, the anguish, it just kills me. Then their final scenes together, I just can’t. Thinking about them alone gives me chills and breaks my heart. You can see the love they have for each other and the pain that being separated is causing them. Both of these scenes are just incredibly sad.

One Life to Live Relaunch


I loved it, everything’s so modern, fresh and appealing. The recast of Matthew and Destiny are gonna take some warming up to but the storyline for Matthew looks to suit the new guy. And the S bombs with the manning kids gave them some extra spunk.

I’m so excited for all the things to come and being able to watch online anytime is only gonna do wonderful things for this already great show!

The only thing that could make this better is if somebody mentions by some miracle Starr, Cole and Baby Hope are living happily ever after (off screen) somewhere out there! I think it could happen, One Life didn’t kill Cole and Hope ;) .

30 Days of Sole

Day 12: Moment that Made Me Mad

Cole: The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but Hannah is a friend and she saved my life, the least I can do is check up on her.

Starr: You just don’t get it do you?

Cole: What about you and James? Your friends. I might not like it but I’ve accepted it.

Starr: James and I aren’t even friends anymore.

Cole: Why not, because of me?

Starr: No.

Cole: Cause I’ll go talk to him if you want…

Starr: No, it’s not because of that, it’s fine… it’s fine the way it is.

Cole: I thought James was important to you?

Starr: He is. He is, but he can’t handle just being friends. He wants more and that’s impossible so…

Cole: So he finally admitted that he has feelings for you. I mean it was obvious I just never thought he’d come out and say it.

Starr: He didn’t say it, he kissed me, okay?

Cole: James kissed you. Then what?

Starr: James said that he couldn’t just be friends, he wanted to be more and he knew that that wasn’t possible, that it was just too painful.

Cole: Starr, do you have feelings for James?

Starr: How could you ask me something like that? After I told him over and over again that my life is with you and Hope.

Cole: I’m not saying you’ve done anything wrong. You haven’t. I’m just asking if you feel something for him.

Starr: What about you? Do you feel something for Hannah?

Cole: Starr, I love you.

Starr: I didn’t ask you that. I love you too, but the way I feel about James has nothing to do with that.

Cole: So you do have feelings for him?

Starr: And you have feelings for Hannah.

Starr: It’s normal to have feelings for other people, it’s what you do about it.

Cole: Starr, I’m not doing anything, I’m with you.

Starr: And I’m with you, but I’m not even friends with James anymore, Hannah’s living at your mom’s.

Cole: Okay, well I don’t have to go over there, I can see my mom at our place or anywhere. Starr, it’s not a problem.

Starr: So we’re good?

ColeWe’re great.

 I remember watching these scenes live and being LIVID. This was the point where I completely and utterly wrote Starr off, and if it wasn’t for the kidnapping story and her standing by Cole after, she’d would still be on my shit list (even though she is on her way back to it currently). These scenes don’t make me mad because they admitted they had feelings for other people (although I will NEVER believe Cole's feelings for Hannah we’re close to Starr’s for James) I was actually happy at that notion, that they were finally admitting it to each other. What pissed me off was Starr’s holier than thou attitude. Cole was trying to be understanding and she was just being the biggest bitch in the world to him and ACCUSED him of his feelings for Hannah, where Cole just simply inquired about her’s for James. Then what made me even more mad was the final scene, them lying to themselves and the uncomfortable-ness that was between the two. I remember in that moment, for a split second, just wanting them to not be together. I SWORE that this was it for them, they would have this horrible breakup and Starr would go running to James. Then the writers surprised me and during the kidnapping Starr and Cole both realized that all they wanted was each other and that none of the other stuff really mattered. THAT is why the last 2 weeks that they had wasn’t “contrived” as some like to say. If it just went from THIS to that then yes, I would say it was. HOWEVER, if you watch the kidnapping storyline you see that their love for one another shines through.

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30 Days of Sole

Day 6: Favorite Sole Episode

Cole: You want me to sleep over, tonight?

Starr: I want us to do more than sleep. I want us to be together together.
Starr: I want this one night more than anything, you do too right?… What is it?

Cole: It’s just weird, the last time I was here was to kick drugs and your dad dragged you off.

Starr: Trust me, I remember.

Cole: I almost jumped out this window but you saved me. You talked me back from the edge. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

Starr: You saved me just as much as I saved you. That’s just how we are. We’re meant to be together, Cole. And yeah, you might have a ton of bad memories in here but a lot has changed since then.

Cole: Yeah, I’m clean now.

Starr: And my dad’s not dragging me away somewhere.

Cole: Yeah, it seems like he’s always tearing me away from you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of your dad or anything, but… I thought about being with you again so many times. I just want it to be perfect, you know?

Starr: I want that too.

Cole: I want to hold you after, I wanna watch you sleep, wake up with you. I want it all.

Starr: I do too. I want it all and it can happen.
Cole (talking to Hope): Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!’He chortled in his joy. ‘Twas brillig…

Starr: I can not believe that you have that whole poem memorized.

Cole: Well my mom recited to me over and over. When she didn’t remember anything else about me, she remembered that.

Starr: Did you ever think you’d be teaching it to your own daughter?

Cole: Never in a million years.

Starr: I think she’s ready for bed. (Reaching for Hope) Come here.

Cole (hands Hope to Starr): Go to mommy.

Starr: I’ll take her to bed in the nursery.

Cole: So far this has been the best night of my life.

Starr: And it’s gonna get even better.
Cole: You’re so beautiful.

Starr: Thank you.

Cole: I love you with all my heart.

Starr: I love you with everything I have.

This choice was so unbelievably hard because they’ve had some amazing full episodes. I was originally going to choose ¾/08, which was their first love scene, but I had to go with this one because it corrected everything that went wrong with that first one. Here they are more mature, they’ve made mistakes, been apart, been through hell time and time again, but it all led them right up to this moment. I see this as their new beginning. Everything about this episode, from them talking about how much they’ve wanted this for so long to them putting Hope to bed as a family to them finally getting that perfect night they long deserved, it is just perfection.