Starr: What are you doing?

Cole: Telling Hope a story.

Starr: About what?

Cole: About a party I went to four years ago.

Starr: …so who are you?

Cole: I’m Cole.

Starr: And I’m Starr…

Starr: You were my hero that night and you have been ever since.

Five years ago today (October 10th) the character of Starr Manning on One Life To Live met Cole Thornhart. It was a simple moment that turned into four years of laughter, tears, heartbreak, but mostly LOVE. Their story is one of the best love stories I’ve ever seen told on TV. Unfortunately last year Brandon Buddy (Cole) decided to leave OLTL which led to the break up of the super couple. With the last months of the show winding down, I’m still hoping that Brandon/Cole will return for “his girls” and that this couple will get the ending it deserves.

Thank you Kristen and Brandon for bringing Starr and Cole to life. It is a journey I will never forget. Happy Anniversary!

When you a wrestling fangirl - Problem #3568578
Me: Now that Finn’s back, I am 100% all Bálor girl! 😍😍😍

Kenny Omega: Excuse me?! You see.. this is where you are wrong.
Marty Scurll: *evil laughs* WRONG! WutWut!
Matt Riddle: tss… Wrong, bro lol
Aleister Black: *creepy stare* …..
BT Gunn: Cheers dude (:
David Starr: *winks*
Adam Cole: *blows kiss*
Alex Gracie: *pulls his trunks down*
Zack Sabre Jr: *just appears*



Starr and Cole on General Hospital, 2/24/12

Hey guys, for those of you who didn’t get to catch Starr and Cole on General Hospital today, you can check it out here! (Source: ashleycramni)

Beautiful, Sad Words from One Life To Live's Starr & Cole's Final Scenes

Starr: We’ll make it.

Cole: Yeah I know I’ll make it as long as I know that your happy. That’s all I ask, promise me…. Starr, promise that you’ll be okay.

Starr: I can’t.

Cole: Starr, don’t let me ruin your life. Just keep shining.


New Sole video I made!

One Life to Live Relaunch


I loved it, everything’s so modern, fresh and appealing. The recast of Matthew and Destiny are gonna take some warming up to but the storyline for Matthew looks to suit the new guy. And the S bombs with the manning kids gave them some extra spunk.

I’m so excited for all the things to come and being able to watch online anytime is only gonna do wonderful things for this already great show!

The only thing that could make this better is if somebody mentions by some miracle Starr, Cole and Baby Hope are living happily ever after (off screen) somewhere out there! I think it could happen, One Life didn’t kill Cole and Hope ;) .

A few new things...

Hey guys! The blog was recently handed over to me, so while I’m going to do my best to keep it updated, I’d really love your help! I’ve enabled submissions, so if you have anything you’d like to add to the site, whether it be a quote, picspam, graphic, music video - you name it, as long as it’s Sole-related, just submit it using the link to your top left and I’ll post it here.

Also, we have a new layout and the ask box is now up. So if you have any requests, comments, or suggestions, feel free to send them my way. I can’t make any promises regarding requests, but I’ll certainly try to make it happen. I’m going to continue the Sole tribute picspam I’ve been doing, but I’m just including my personal favorite moments in that, so if you have a special Sole moment you’d like to see included, please let me know! I’m doing them chronologically, so anything after February 2007 is okay. If you can include the episode date, that would be fantastic. ;)

~ Jessica (idlebird)

Dear Game Enthusiasts,

You’d be better off asking what games I haven’t played.  Though ironically, Hyrule Warriors is one of them.  It doesn’t strike me as the type of game that would last me its entire length before hacking and slashing got dull.  I might pick it up if it goes on sale, though.

Regardless, between my PC, Wii U, and 3DS I can pick up most anything I want.  Bayonetta 2 is landing this Friday and I’m gonna be getting my booty kickin’ stripper witch on.  After that it’s Persona Q and Smash for Wii U.

Dear mrmorningstar,

That’s certainly the favorite theory, anyway.  Personally, I’d like Capcom to just admit that the American localization is the official one just because burgers are delicious.

Dear boyxgirlluv,

I certainly will.  I don’t have any gifs made yet, but those letters will roll around eventually and I’ll have to get to work again, just like with DD.

I’m going to stop tagging PLvsAA spoilers soon too.

Dear Anonymous,

Disheartening if true.  I guess we’ll find out December 9th.

Dear psykhelogialove,

A lot of that would depend on who she is in that timeline.  I like to think she’s come to terms with herself, much like Edgeworth did.  They had a similar arc, after all.  Although she was seen cooperating with Interpol in both Investigations games, so maybe she’s travelling around the world busting crime and catching Carmen Sandiego or whatever.

I would like to see her again, of course.  I just can’t say what type of person she would be or what type of role she would play without a lot of guess work and just making things up.

(Original letter)

Dear Snow,

Part of how good a breakdown is is how satisfying it is to finally achieve it.  Catching Gant in his own trap is one of my favorite showdowns and pushing him to insanity feels really good.  That’s the biggest difference between the two you cited.  Alba’s is just a sigh of relief after going through your checklist of evidence you haven’t used yet while he promises he’ll leave without actually doing it.

Rise From the Ashes is a really long case and it’s just mentally exhausting to get through it.  Turnabout Ablaze is also really long, but it’s more just tiring and less a taxing roller coaster ride.

(Original letter)

Dear Cole,

Starr Detective?

I think I know her.

I would say it’s almost always better to introduce a character beforehand so they aren’t seen as a replacement.  Apollo got a lot of grief for being the “new” Phoenix.  Similarly, DEATH NOTE SPOILERS, the replacement for L just seemed so lackluster in comparison.

If Apollo were introduced like Athena where he was just a new person in Phoenix’s firm or if we already knew him and were now allowed to play as him, I think he’d have been more readily accepted.  For example, playing as Mia was a treat because we already knew and loved her.  Cross examining Phoenix was not, because Feenie is the worst representation of Phoenix this side of misguided fanfiction.

A poll was taken shortly after DD’s release in Japan asking people to rank their favorite characters and Apollo took first.  All it took was him being his own character instead of a cardboard replacement.  Personally, Nick will always be my favorite lawyer, but at least Polly has some presence now.

(Original fan art)

Dear Anna,

Already done:

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