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"This isn't going to end well, Tony..."

Lokes, I know you’re badass and all that - but if you only brought that one dagger, maybe you shou-

They are here for me, Stark. Even if I tried to weasel away they would only hunt me down again.

Phew, this one took so many hours to make. But I’ve wanted to put Loki and Tony back to back for some time now, so it had to be done.


“… You aren’t serious, are you? Oh my god, you’re serious.”

villain!Tony AU ▸ Part II: Loki has absolutely no idea what’s going on in the head of that human but that is sure fun to watch. Well, if you put aside the migraine he’s slowly giving you. Meanwhile, Mark 42 is like 6 time zones away.

Part I
Drabble inspired by previous gifset


A Very Potter Announcement :)

I told you guys not to worry <3

Loki’s more than a little surprised when Tony holds his hand for the first time, intertwines their fingers like stitches on old wounds. It’s quiet in the museum Tony’s bought out for the day. And they’ve just stopped to contemplate abstract works of art. 

The god looks at him oddly as Tony asks, “They don’t do this kind of thing in Asgard, do they?" 

There are several heartbeats of silence as Loki wonders about the feeling of Tony’s hand in his, the warmth of his palm. He squeezes lightly. "Not with me,” he answers. 

“jag har lärt mig av dig: alla öden är värre än döden”


“So… Err. We– we should probably leave, right.”

villain!Tony AU ▸ Part VIII: Infiltrate, trick, destroy and bye-bye, one of SHIELD’s bases down. Shup Loki up in between, but Tony can quickly adapt to an unexpected situation. That was basically the plan. It was easy to follow. It worked. So Tony doesn’t understand. Doesn’t understand why everything seems complicated all of a sudden.

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