Star and Jackie have so many cute moments. If it weren’t for Sleepover I’d say she could just as easily have a crush on Jackie as on Marco (ofc there’s nothing to stop me from assuming she’s crushing on both of them).

And! Wow that was! I’m v. glad to see Disney is allowing unambiguous gay couples now & while it was just background characters, I don’t know of any kids’ cartoon that’s had actual on-the-lips gay kisses at this point.

Like I remember recently seeing a post with pictures from an NFL announcement that they were going to make an effort to be more inclusive when they show audience members kissing (I didn’t know they did that but ok cool) & it looked just like that; there are so many interracial couples here too & they aren’t in this screenshot but there was an elderly couple also

What if... Star likes Jackie, not Marco.

like… nothing in svtfoe is like predictable, it’s all unexpected when stuff happens. they trick us sometimes with promos and what not, so like…

what if she actually likes jackie, and maybe shes like jealous/mad at marco for being with jackie? like maybe they’re teasing us.

like she always seems happy and normal around jackie but like when jackie is with marco she acts weird.

she told jackie she looked like the ocean in her prom dress

on the sleepover episode-it didnt SAY star liked marco, it just said she doesnt like oskar.

and the promo for the new episode, the season finale (i think) star says “let’s get awkward.” and she goes up to marco and says “i need to tell you something” while marco says “we need to talk” or something like that.

i honestly can’t imagine, they’d be like “i like you.” or “i have a crush on you not jackie” like… i just can’t see that happening. but maybe something like

Marco: “i dont like jackie.”. star: “i like jackie”

idk….i remember daron nefcy and the svtfoe crew saying something about trying to incorporate lgbt into the show (i know we got the gay couples kissing in the background on the new episode) but yea

i know starco shippers will get mad at me for this thought, but im just kind of trying to think of what could happen on the season finale other than the predictable boring starco ship.

this is just my opinion, i understand people will probably message me telling me all of the evidence of starco becoming canon but please  try to respect that this is just my opinion and thoughts

(also, if starco WAS to become canon then the show is sending out a very confusing/bad message. Star’s jealousy was very unhealthy to the point where she hurt both marco and jackie and made them fall off of the skateboard and yeah… she was spying on them and she blew up a sign at the concert in “just friends”. the way i see it, is her jealousy is her being jealous of her bff spending more time with someone else.)

  • svtfoe: *makes a tom and marco centric episode*
  • me: man I love tomco
  • svtfoe: *hinting at starco*
  • me: man I love starco
  • svtfoe: *makes jarco canon*
  • me: man I love jarco
  • svtfoe: *makes janna and star interact*
  • me: man I love janstar
  • svtfoe: *makes jackie and star interact*
  • me: man I love... starkie? is that their ship name?? eh, whatever. still like it
  • svtfoe: *makes two characters interact with each other*
  • me: man I ship that
  • ~meanwhile~
  • me, @ myself: what the fuck

Funny how the heart can be deceiving.

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"This isn't going to end well, Tony..."