Stark Trek

  • friend:what is your dream job?
  • me:*a hunter*
  • me:*a time lord*
  • me:* a sociopathic detective*
  • me:*a wizard*
  • me:*a hobbit*
  • me:*King of Hell*
  • me:*Jedi*
  • me:*Indiana Jones*
  • me:*a MARVEL superhero*
  • me:*a psychiatrist whose name rhymes with cannibal*
  • me:*Hunger Games participant*
  • me:*an angel of the Lord*
  • me:*a spaceship owner*
  • me:*Tony Stark*
  • me:*Lannister*
  • me:.......
  • me:a professional procrastinator

“How about you and me go find somewhere quiet-” Kirk was cut off as a hand landed on his shoulder before his eyes rolled back into his head and he began to drop to the floor. You watched at your eyes went wide, opening your mouth to call out before you noticed who the hand belonged to.

“Really Spock? What was that for?” you questioned, looking up at Spock as Kirk fell to the floor. He stared back with a blank expression before beginning to walk past you.

“Come on Y/N,” he instructed casually, or as casually as you would imagine for him.

“Wait a second, are you jealous?” you asked, a grin crawling onto your face as you turned and watching him walk to a control board.

“Of course-” he started but was cut off at your laugh filled squeal.

“You totally were!” you laughed, making Spock turn around to look at your glee filled expression. “You didn’t have to like paralyze him.”

Gif Credit: gif belongs to sophie-d.tumblr

I hate tumblr sometimes because in math today some kid was asking who watched Star Trek into Darkness and I said I want to because it seems great and I love the characters and I literally said “spirk and kock” and then everyone looked at me like I grew two heads until someone said “u mean kirk and Spock”

I said the ship name because of you fuckers