Daddy’s Little Girl (Peter ParkerxStark!Reader)

Author’s Note: Second series I will be starting. I hope you like this one–I’m already having a bunch of fun writing this!

Warnings: Physical fighting at the beginning, and then an argument.

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  You were screwed–no, more than screwed. Sweat dripped from your forehead. It stung your eyes. Your muscles cramped up, bruised from all of the hits you took, and you held your fists up.

  “I could do this all day,” you panted. Your knees yearned to buckle, but you used your last bit of strength in order to keep standing.

  Another fist landed in your side, causing you to grunt loudly. But then you kicked a gut, then slapped your hands against two ears, causing a scream of pain.

  And a roundhouse kick finished it off. The teenage boy stumbled back into crates, collapsing into them and breaking them. That was the third and final of them.

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Here is a Patreon fanart. It’s monochrome portrait of Sansa Stark.  Next month I will make a poll to let you choose next character for fanart
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So I met GRRM today and my question for him was “What would Robb Stark have named his sword?“ The response was, after some thought, “something wolfy. Like wolf’s something, tooth or claw.” This means two things Robb Stark is a nerd who would name his sword, and I will now be referring to his sword as “Something Wolfy”