I was glad when the writers quickly got over the fact that Sam Carter is a woman. Like in the first six episodes she had to defend her position and qualification, she was held as a shield, got kidnapped and sold, she hit on her commanding officer (under the influence) and she had a wacky ex-boyfriend. Don`t get me wrong, I like these episodes, but there was every scenario women find themselves into in TV shows. So I`m very happy after these first couple of episodes they let it go and treated Sam Carter exactly as other three members of SG-1. Thanks to it she became one of the greatest female characters on TV.

We all have that one fandom. That fandom that saved us. That fandom that taught us to be who we are today. That fandom who gave us hope when we had none. That fandom that was there for us when no one else was. Those characters who’s lives changed our own. The characters who helped us accept who we are. Those stories which taught us about bravery, friendship, determination and love, more then any text book could. We all have that fandom. That fandom who’s characters and stories inspired us. Inspired us to be better. Inspired us to create. Inspired us to live. Do not let anyone tell you that fandom is meaningless or silly or stupid or immature. Because fandoms save us.