nouran-turtle-artist  asked:

You can actually drink a monster?? *blinks*

Noury, I drink two starbucks doubleshots a day which have around 150 to 180 mg of caffeine in each drink. Monster has around 186. I could drink two of those and still fall asleep in the middle of the day. 

But I totally love watching Leo. He never drinks caffeine so it’s the best. He’s all over the walls. It’s awesome. 

today I had an insufferable woman in drive and I need to tell you about it 
so I was on drive bar, doing ok in a bit of an afternoon rush, we have one person soloing window and DTO and she was talking to the customer in the window so I jump in to take an order on the headset 
and this lady is like 
“grande doubleshot in a venti cup with ice to the top and I want a splenda, none of the classic and nonfat milk instead” 
clearly sounds like a starbucks doubleshot on ice, the drink that is on our menu that is made with espresso and ice and classic and milk 
so I ring her up for a grande doubleshot with all the mods, tell her the total of $3 something and ask her to pull for forward, continue making drinks 
“lady? lady???” 
the girl in window answer like yes can I help you? 
“did you say $3.23? that’s not right it’s supposed to be 2.10” 
and she goes into this fucking rant getting all huffy about she orders this at every starbucks, something about her daughter and volleyball, everywhere she goes it’s the same, and something about she only gets charged for 2 shots of espresso and blah blah blah 
and I tell the other partner ok maybe she just wants an iced espresso? and this poor girl is trying to clarify her drink order and make sure that we are getting the right thing 
is like in the snottiest tone 
“you should really know this, I get this all the time” 
bitch you ain’t special 
if you get it all the time YOU should know what the fuck you’re ordering 
so we end up ringing her up for an iced doppio with the mods 
and I make it and of course the cup is like half ice, that’s what happens when you get an iced doppio in a venti cup, even with the standard amount of milk 
she gets to the window, starts complaining it’s wrong and wants more milk 
and I’m a petty bitch so I only added a tiny bit more and sent her on her merry way 
like if you want it filled to the fucking top with milk order a fucking latte or pay the fucking upcharge for extra dairy 
and the thing is, if this lady didn’t have such a fucking shit attitude we would have tried a lot harder to help her? 
but if you want to be rude and impatient? fine bitch fuck if I care if your dumb ass drink is right


It warms my heart to see how much our little Matthew has grown.

the signs as starbucks drinks

Aries- Blonde Sparkling Americano

Taurus- Tiramisu Latte

Gemini- Toasted Graham Latte 

Cancer- Peppermint Mocha

Leo- Iced Caramel Macchiato

Virgo- Starbucks Blonde Doubleshot on Ice

Libra- Vanilla Latte

Scorpio- Pumpkin Spice Latte

Sagittarius- Caramel Brulee Latte

Capricorn- Eggnog Latte

Aquarius- White Chocolate Mocha

Pisces- Chestnut Praline Latte

Reg and I decided that in addition to being obsessed with coffee, Merlin decided to adopt Eggsy after he easily got Merlin’s Starbucks order right on the first try. 

A venti lite ice Starbucks doubleshot two extra espresso shots no classic three pumps caramel three pumps toffee nut extra breve.

… can we all just agree that Eggsy would be oblivious to all of this meanwhile Bors is still bitter about that time with the chocolate coffee thing.