STARBUCKS HEDGEHOG COFFEE.#hedgehogsofvine #africanpygmyhedgehog

TMI Starbucks Orders

Clary: iced grande caramel macchiato

Simon: tall vanilla latte with extra foam

Izzy: grande skinny mocha triple shot  

Magnus: grande iced green tea latte

Alec: two venti dark coffees

Jace: venti soy vanilla frap with two pumps of raspberry and extra whip cream, chocolate drizzle all over the cup

(credit to paraboyfriendbatai for helping me with jace’s)

Pretty Boys and Broken Toys

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by DelayedAffection

Steve Rogers had heard a lot about James Buchanan Barnes.
Who hadn’t? He was the filthy rich playboy son of a Russian multi-millionaire entrepreneur who had fucked his way across Europe and back again before landing himself in this second rate American College for whatever unknown reason. People either wanted to fuck him or had been fucked by him. The tiny subset group who had no interest whatsoever in the mysteriously attractive mess that was James Buchanan Barnes just sort of learned to stay out of the way of those who were. And Steve was more than happy to keep his head down and stay in his own lane.

But there was something about Barnes that just demanded attention. People didn’t really make an effort to resist. And of course, Steve only looked out of the interest of art. Because of aesthetic appeal. For artistic intentions. He wasn’t interested. He wasn’t.

(fucking liar, he totally was)

Words: 3746, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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