@thelostmoongazer I may not have access to a computer right now but you inspired me and so I tried traditional for the first time since 2013. My name on another site is Starbits and I follow people who have posted art of their objecthead ocs I am amazed I didn’t think of this sooner.

I was just about to post and then I remembered your friend had a sun head persona and it was like “I gotta.”


YELL S HOW TF DID I GET 300+?? HOW DID I EVEN GET 100+??? I remember being pumped when my blog finally got past 50, and I’m so grateful that this many of you like my weird-ass muses & my constant OOC posts enough to have clicked follow. I know I’ve been terribly inactive recently, but my appreciation for all of you is still absolutely there, and I hope I’ll be able to interact more with you in the future!


@singmetoyourside: You already know why you’re on here - the most fun I’ve ever had storybuilding was talking about original universes with you, but aside from that, you’re also the best friend I’ve ever had, and I can’t imagine my life without you.

@silentserenade: I love you and I can’t thank you enough for your constant support & for always letting me infodump, even at the worst possible times oops. I hope you know what an incredible person you are & how glad I am to have you in my life.


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YOU, THE PERSON READING THIS - I might have forgotten to add you, but you’re valued and appreciated, and you write your muse(s) in a way no one else can!! Keep being your awesome self, and thank you so much for following me!

The Hallway Ghost

“Growing up, my very best friend lived directly across the street from me. She and I were inseparable, and because of our close quarters, I visited her house pretty much every day. Her family essentially accepted me as just another daughter, and were very comfortable with the fact that I spent pretty much my every waking moment there.

Every Friday after school, my friend and I would get some junk food, and play Mario Galaxy late into the night–her doing all the hard work as player one, and me just helping her double jump and gather starbits as her trusty player two. This was routine for us until we beat the game, or at least beat it the first time, only for everything to reset and get harder.

One night, while we were getting ready to play, I was making pizza rolls. I recall putting them in the oven and going to sit next to her in the living room while she rummaged around through her wii games. We talked idly for a bit, until a strange feeling came over the both of us. We continued to talk, but I could tell we were both strangely tense. It was only when I heard something soft at the end of her hallways that I fell silent. Now, keep in mind, my friend’s hallway is carpeted thickly. This sound… was akin to someone walking on a rug. The sound of creaking floorboards, and the cushy plod, almost like a _plop, plop, plop_ Being in that house so often, I heard many people come down that hallways, and it sounded the same to the noise we were hearing. Except, we were definitely alone in that house.

I saw the blood drain from my friend’s face, and it seemed to be both of our reactions to freeze. After a moment she said in a panicked voice, ‘Keep talking, silence only makes things worse!’

Whatever it was that was walking in her hallway seemed to hear her say this and began moving with a new urgency, as the soft, careful stepping noise turned into what sounded like a run. Loud creaks and _thumps_ as whatever it was came right towards us. This could not have been the house settling, it was fast and with purpose, and far too loud to be made without a heavy weight hitting that floor.

My friend’s hallway is a narrow corridor that goes from her parents’ room all the way into the living room, so we were standing right where this thing was heading towards.

My friend and I didn’t say another word to each other, we jumped up and ran straight towards her door. I grabbed a pair of her sister’s flip flops, and a random sweater, pulling them on without thinking as I busted out of the door and ran right into the heavy snowfall that was outside. We were so terrified, we ran right across the street to my house without looking back, where we both began tearfully retold the story to my mother, who was nothing but skeptical.

Later I asked my friend if she was sure we were alone, and she said that she knew nobody else could have been in that house. At least, not anyone we knew.

When her mom got home along with the rest of her family late that night, they found nothing missing or out of place, except my poor burnt pizza rolls, so it wasn’t someone out to steal. Whatever the motive, I get chills whenever I’m alone in that house to this day.”

By: @peach-space

Isgebind: “I thought he was a myth” nearly destroyed me. Information decay in just 20 short years. ;.;
starbit: history became legend legend became myth
scifigrl47: It’s a big galaxy.
tequila mockingbird: i don’t think a lot of newspapers make it to jakku
coppersam: Also this is the planet where Luke’s map keeper lived, maybe he told stories to earn coin. 
coppersam: So she learned about Luke from this random old dude who just got killed…

We imagine Mario and Peach to be the Straightest Couple Ever. I’m talkin they wear “I’m with him/her” shirts, have a joint Facebook account, they save all the letters written to one another, twinning mugs, take selfies to post on Instagram EVERY time they go out, they have weekly Starbucks/StarBits date (you already know the logo is rosalina), go to isle delfino the SAME EXACT DATE every year. But don’t get them wrong, they’re also the Most Supportive People ever. Mario was the first person Luigi came out to and he’s been Luigi’s Go-To for any advice on dating. So pure…so pure.