Do I even need a reason anymore to post these?

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1/3 of me: it’s Halloween yessss lets get spoooooky

1/3: of me: this is the night that lily and james potter were brutally murdered by lord voldemort, who in turn was conquered by Harry Potter.

1/3 of me: this is the night that the potter family crashed their car into a crocodile. Lily and James were eaten, and the crocodile then took out a knife and cut a lightning shaped scar into the young potter’s forehead

Back to witches and wizards, and magical beasts! 

To goblins and ghosts, and to magical feasts! 

 It’s all that I love, and it’s all that I need. Hogwarts, Hogwarts! 

I think I’m going back

Get Back to Hogwarts - A Very Potter Musical, Team StarKid

I’ve had this stuck in me head for so long, I think I’m gonna have to watch AVPM again, or maybe it’s time to start reading the books again, I don’t know, I just need more Potter in my life!

Anyways, Happy 1st September! 

Water colour brush lettering with some coloured pencil shading.


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