Starcraft Debriefing

I feel like I don’t play Starcraft games for the same reason that many other people do. The franchise has been synonymous with competitive online multiplayer for nearly two decades, and its community reflects this. Most discussion I see focuses on the spectacle of major league gaming. I, on the other hand, always played these games for the science fiction narrative schlock. Starcraft 2’s latest expansion, Legacy of the Void, has recently come and gone and tied up the sprawling story of the franchise in a tidy fashion. Between Brood War and Wings of Liberty, I spent a private eternity desperate to know how the story would progress. Now that it has actually reached a real conclusion, it’s strange. I’ve coped with anticipation for each piece of the story for my entire adult life until now. It’s like Half Life episode 3 finally arrived and I’m left to reflect on it. I thought I’d unpack my thoughts about Star Craft’s story here. This is my Starcraft debriefing.

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If you ever feel dumb remember that Starcraft 1 had a mysterious character named “Duran” who mysteriously changed species without explanation and was performing horrific genetic experiments on behalf of an ancient alien power, and Starcraft 2 has a mysterious shapeshifting character named “Narud” doing the same experiments for the same ancient alien power and there are people who didn’t make the connection

I think the biggest reason that hit me so hard was because I have been playing this IP for like 16 years
That’s since I was 5
Fucking 5 dude
Basically my whole memorable existence up to this point has been at least somewhat involved with the Starcraft story
The games, the books, the comics, everything
And to have the ending that I have fucking wanted to see since I was like 8 because Jim Raynor has always been my hero was so satisfying I am overwhelmed.
You know what I want? I want Jim and Sarah to just be ignored. Never ever fucking mention them again unless it’s to show us they lived happily and died after having like 3 kids and then maybe a grandkid can be the new protagonist. But give poor Jim Raynor a break man. He deserves it.
Anyway, I give legacy of the void a solid 10/10 on story, 8/10 on mission creativity and 9/10 on the general gameplay, between the brand new unit types and the nostalgic types like the absolutely fucking imba reavers. Fuck they just annihilate.
Good job blizzard. Now please do not make Jim have to fight the UED as an old man for gods’ sakes

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Yeah I meant draw. Hmm...I tried to draw her human form like in betrayl and wol las cinematic., only head without hair.



But I guess you can study her face closely first to learn all of her facial features 

or you can practice by tracing (aka: go wild) 


Okay, I believe my precious couple did indeed Leave wherever they were to set life on various planets.  I haven’t seen these clips the first time since I was sobbing so hard but now I replayed it and… I’m sobbing again. 

Remember how Sarah said she is “the destroyer of things”? I am sure she wants to repair a lot of things… Now that she actually has the power to do so

is the vulture worth the hassle to make 4 fake accounts and level them up? no

am i going to do it nevertheless just so jimmy has his vulture back? yes. 

dude, you got your girl back, and your universe wasn’t destroyed by an ancient alien, and now I’m going to give you your fucking hover bike back it’s almost like Starcraft in reverse