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Hi! Maybe you can answer this. I've been super curious about just how individual the animated model for each clone is. Obviously each one has their own hair/tattoos/scars, but what about little differences in bone structure and face shape, or the effects of aging on older clones? In the same vein, did Dee Bradley Baker have one 'clone voice' that he used, or was it slightly different for every clone? I haven't noticed, but maybe I just haven't been paying enough attention!

Great questions, Anon!

For the most part, each clone seems to be sculpted from the same base body model. They are all described (with exception of others like 99 and Bad Batch, of course) as being same height, muscle build and facial structure. 

In the Clone Wars series, they didn’t show clones that were particularly aged very much. 99 is probably the most extreme, a lot of wrinkles on his face. Though just because looks aged, I cannot say for sure on how old he actually is or if it is the consequences of experimental Kaminoan engineering. 

The only other clone that I’ve seen hints of age would be the clone cadet instructor from Death Trap episode:

Though, again, it’s quite dubious.The wrinkles and the receding hairline could be from other things like stress or just an overall strain on his physical well being.

Overall though, it’s the same model that they use as the base for all the clones. I think the implication being that the Kaminoans strives for such genetic perfection that the clones truly are perfect copies of the same person in physical structure. 

As for the voices, I remember that Dee Bradley Baker has spoke on the voices he does for each clone and that when he was directed on how to portray them that each clone needed to have their personality shine through. 

I have a video here where an interviewer actually asks him about working in an episode like “Rookies” where he is essentially just working with himself.

I think Dee Bradley Baker only really improves on this performance as the series goes on as well. Rookies was a great experimental venture and I’m glad that they continued on with that idea.

On the surface, the voices may sound the same, but you’ll kind of hear the inflections are a tad different when each one is speaking. Their personality shines through and it is done so seamlessly and without being over the top that you don’t realize that you’re watching an episode where there is maybe only max two voice actors. 

And 90% of the characters are voiced by the same guy. Yet somehow, you ended up sitting there watching the entire episode, not bored or being broken out of immersion by it at all.

Regarding mature kids cartoons, I really hate it when people (both the audience and writers) excuse bad/poor writing as being the median for kids and should always be expected, say a kids cartoon isn’t actually for a kids because it has mature themes or kids shouldn’t watch it, or excuse an opinion because that person is not a kid and not the target audience so therefore your opinion doesn’t count, and this catch-all is the first ‘counter’ towards any criticism.

Yes, it’s a kids show. It’s also an adult show. The phrase, ‘mature kids cartoons’, is not an oxymoron.

Steven Universe is a kids show. Both Avatar series were kid shows. Gravity Falls was a kids show. All three Star Wars cartoons from the last roughly-fifteen years are kid shows. All DCAU series were kid shows. I could go on.

Kids are not goldfish. If a mature subject is brought up and explored, then they have something to think about and be taught about.

For example, if you show them something like a character suffering from a poor choice, they’ll know that choices matter and can have serious consequences if you choose poorly.

And making/saying that poor writing choices as being dumbed down for them is why it happened, you, no matter if you are a critic or writer, are not respecting how smart kids really are and deserve a better story.

Honestly Anakin’s hair just has the craziest evolution.

Like first it was a fuckin blond bowl cut.

What are you fuckin Lloyd Garmadon.

Then he gets the same shitty ‘do as Obi-wan.

Master and padawan gotta match I guess.

And for some reason he keeps that same shitty do for years.

Also he’s now brunette with no explanation.

Then he finally gets some fucking taste and gets this rad anime hair.

Then grows it out a bit so it’s slightly less anime.

Also it actually moves now thanks to the improved animation.

Then Ahsoka leaves and he’s too depressed to care about his hair so he grows it out a ton and ends up with whatever the fuck this shit is.

And I guess after some critism from his friends he started taking care of it again and ended up with these fabulous locks.

Then he got his ass set on fire and spent the rest of his life bald. Idiot.