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You didn’t even have time to feel sadness and grief over the death of your family – instead, you began to boil over with anger. You wanted to kill all those who were involved in the murder of your family, yet you were not allowed to leave the Jedi temple. Yoda had called you in to talk to you privately, as he could sense your overpowering anger.

“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate… leads to suffering.” Yoda said, and you scoffed, looking away. “Go down this path, come back, you will not.” 

“When are you going to realize I don’t care?” you suddenly yelled. “They slaughtered my family. I will get revenge for them.”


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Jango knew you were going to be killed because of the information you knew, but for some reason, he couldn’t let it happen. He usually felt no emotion towards targets, but he knew you were truly innocent – you only knew the information by accident. 

So before the other bounty hunter would arrive, Jango grabbed your arm and insisted, “y/n, we have to go.”

“You know my name?” you looked at the man, surprised. “Who are you?”

“The man who’s going to save your life. “Jango simply replied. “I’ll guarantee that.”