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avengers, hawkeye, scarlet witch, doctor strange, daredevil, iron fist, beast, angel, magik, gambit, groot, star-lord :)

Hi I’m alices mate Im going to try and answer these
Avengers- I reckon she would like to be taller so something like the ability to stretch her legs like that dude. omg, i would like the power to change probability, anything could be possible think about it
Hawkeye- her fav movie is die hard ive acc never seen die hard so who knows it could be, rn its probably the last five years
Scarlet witch - she would change the wealth inequality something similar, id try and change the potus and his administration or just yanno hatred at its core
Doctor strange - she’s and amazing kisser omg i why did i agree to this, im going to go with balancing a ball on my head like a seal
Daredevil- her fav song is she’s staring at me like I should know this, I’m going to go with shit, um signed sealed delivered I’m yours. yes you acc got one im so proud
Iron fist - her fav food is well she ate a lot of carrot tonight so that dude im vegan not dead zizzis pizza
Beast- her fav animal is her dog agreed, but my fav animal animal is a wooly bear catapillar
Angel - her type is infp so close infj
Malik- she is a Libra wait no her birthdays is January so Capricorn aquarius but close
Gambit - her birthday is Jan 18th ima give you that its the 28th
Groot- her fav flower is all flowers, her face is frowning I’m going to say roses daisies but okay
Star lord - her harry potter house is ravenclaw ive have been told im ravenclaw and hufflepuff so yeah
Thanks isa ☺


Telltale have announced that the first of five episodes of the upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ game will be released April 18th and is named ‘Tangled Up in Blue’. It will cost $4.99 or your regional equivalent!

6 movies I can watch anytime, tagged by @mgnusbaene, thanks pumpkin! <3

  1. Pride and Prejudice 2005 <3
  2. Star Wars (original trilogy)
  3. Lord Of The Rings
  4. Speed
  5. Die Zürcher Verlobung
  6. What rats won’t do

Okay, honestly, I hate making decisions. There are so many more movies that I can watch nearly every day. Not to mention all the Disney movies. Siiigh. But these six I have watched a lot. And I mean… a lot. lol

I’m tagging: No idea who to tag so do this if you want to. :)

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I feel like I'm doing a lot of screaming inside my head. I really want the dating thing to happen! I just wanna finally stick Natasha with Jan and Tony with Clint! Also Pepper with Maria! OTPs everywhere. Who would you guys pair together?

Steve with Bucky, Natasha with Clint, Tony with Bruce, Maria with Pepper, Gamora with Star-Lord, Hulkling with Wiccan, SpiderMan with Mary Jane, Kate Bishop with Mockingbird, Falcon with Agent 13, and Sif with Lady Loki (!!!)c

Secret Empire is destroying my love for Marvel, it’s worse garbage than CW2. Stop w/ the Hydra love it’s GARBAGE.

Star-lord and Hellcat are single handed-ly saving Marvel for me, but Hellcat just ended and it’s all on Star-Lord’s shoulder now.
James Gunn Had More Freedom With Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2
The writer/director also reveals key information about Star-Lord and Ego's first encounter.

Sequels are a tricky thing. Filmmakers always run the risk of hewing too closely to the first film, merely repeating story beats that audiences responded to the first time around. In some cases, sequels just become a rerun of the first film with new villains or set pieces swapped in. Writer/director James Gunn didn’t want that to happen with the follow-up to 2014’s surprise mega-hit “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Luckily for Gunn, the success of the first “Guardians” ensured that “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” could be its own thing.

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During a panel at the Writers Guild Foundation’s WGFestival, as reported by Variety, Gunn opened up about his creative process for the sequel.

“On the second movie I had a lot more freedom,” said Gunn. “Because the first movie did well and it was great not having to explain the five major characters to the audience in the first half hour, we just go straight into the story.” He added, “This has to be its own thing and you can’t start making this a sh—y Xerox of the first one.”

Gunn also revealed to the audience that they won’t have to wait long for Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) to meet his long lost father Ego (Kurt Russell). Gunn said that the highly anticipated family reunion occurs within the first 20 minutes of the film.

The director also revealed which Guardian he feels the most connected to. “Rocket’s character I relate to more than anybody; Rocket is me,” said Gunn, referencing the foul-mouthed raccoon scoundrel voiced by Bradley Cooper. “He has the anger issues that I have and he has the same inability to accept love that I have.”

Written and directed by James Gunn, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2″ stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, and franchise newcomer, Kurt Russell, who plays Star-Lord’s father – Ego, the Living Planet. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” arrives in theaters May 5.

Telltale Games' Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 1 Release Date Announced | Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

External image
The filmmaker shared a pic of the massive Star-Lord poster via Instagram.

Despite the Iron Man films featuring numerous AC/DC tracks, no other Marvel blockbusters used popular music quite so liberally.

The Guardians of the Galaxy made their proud introduction to the MCU with their 2014 feature film debut and, with a sequel now on the horizon, it’s inevitable that their mythology will be expanded upon somewhat in their upcoming outing.

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Bucky’s daughter comes out as bi to him and he 100% supports her. He then asks if she currently has any notable crushes and his daughter replies saying Meredith Quill-Star Lord and Gamora’s daughter. And Bucky’s like, “are you kidding me? I might have to deal with Quill on a regular basis?” But in the end if his daughter is happy, he’s happy.

eeeee this is so cute!!!

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