Can we all just stop and remember

How much of a savage

Luke was in Return of the Jedi

And how humble he was

And a big Dork

How he accepted his darkness

How he even forgave monsters

But how he was mostly just the same farmer kid from Tatooine who wanted to help others

I love Luke Skywalker and his story. It’s probably one of the most endearing stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.

Kylo Ren never was manipulated or abused some people say ...

Please explain this to me…
Everyone sees this scene as a joke, but there’s something more …

The way Snoke treats Kylo and Hux shows that these two young men are just minions according to his own vision.
Hux is thrown like a toy in front of all his subordinates with the only intention to humiliate him.
Later ,he does the same thing with Kylo in front of the praetorian guards….

Kylo is used to this abuse that’s why he dodges the lightsaber unnecessarily. It’s a learned reflex  .

“Even you, master of the Knights of Ren, have never faced such a test”.

“We shall see. We shall see” Snoke  says, challenging Kylo to kill his own father and when this act does not submerge him completely in the darkness he humiliates him again, when HE was the one who encouraged him to do it in the first place ,with the empty promise of a possible absolute power …

How’s your wound?he ask pretending concern. Seconds later, seconds..he will say  “take that ridiculous thing off”, he will call Ben weak, a mistake, a failure and will remind him of his father’s recent death causing him a terrible emotional breakdown.

Divide and you will reign. Snoke encourages unhealthy competition between the general and his apprentice as some kind of twisted father figure .Eventually they could unite against him so,in order to prevent this he needs them to hate each other.

But it gets worse…Why not to tell Kylo about the force bond plan?. That information would have given Kylo a big strategic advantage over Rey.That way he would know what is happening and she wouldn’t …

But since Snoke  doesn’t  give a damn about Ben he creates this moment where neither of them understands what the hell is going on… 

But this plays against him because the connection becomes more and more intimate and more human everytime.

Once Kylo brings Rey, Snoke humiliates him AGAIN mentioning his emotional weakness.

“It was I who bridged your minds.I stoked Ren’s conflicted soul.I knew he was not strong enough to hide it from you”.

In other words: I used my toy again as I felt like it …WHAT THE HELL

The funny thing is that Kylo has many reasons to kill Snoke: power, revenge, feeling betrayed but the only valid reason he finds to do it is Rey..and that is amazing …