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Aaaand because it was on my mind, a Jadzia!

I think her characterization is underrated. Admittedly, in the earliest stages, her focus episodes are more Sisko episodes. Once they have the confidence to let her be the focus, there’s a lot to explore (and honestly, the less Trill-related per se, often the better–there’s more to Jadzia than being Trill!)

My Fic Masterlist

As requested by anon

Star Trek: Mirror (The Movie) (K/S, T, 48k, complete)

Leaked screenplay for the next Star Trek movie! …No, just kidding. Although that’s what I wish the next movie was like.
Basically, I imagined a realistic situation where the plot of the next AOS movie is loosely based on TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror” and combined the limits and unspoken rules set by the movie-making industry, general tone of AOS to make it seem like a true sequel, plots and feel of TOS, wishes of the audience, and my own wishes.

The Wall (K/S, M, 89k, complete)

A sequel to Star Trek: Mirror (The Movie). Please read it first.
Following the events of the Halka Incident, the Enterprise returns to Earth where a massive investigation awaits. They must face inevitable changes a trip to the parallel universe brought and prevent another disaster from happening: they brought back an instruction on how to create the Tantalus Field, and you can’t really expect people to sit idly once learning this, right?
But for Kirk, saving Spock may become a number one priority.

out of obscurity into the dream (K/S, G, 87k, complete)

Started as a Tangled AU fusion with Star Trek 2009, developed into its own thing.
Spock has lived an entire life in seclusion, brought up by a Romulan to believe he was one too. Convinced his telepathy was a rare gift that must be protected at all costs, he was prohibited to touch anyone and leave the house.
Jim Kirk comes across him accidentally after he was hired to steal a Vulcan artefact. Together, they start an adventure of finding a soulmate in each other and preventing another catastrophe from happening after the artefact turns out to be a part of an ancient psionic weapon.

Also known as “How I almost died three times in two days and found my soulmate”, an autobiography by J.T. Kirk.

have you heard the news? (K/S, G, 10k, complete)

An extended epilogue for ‘out of obscurity into the dream’
In the aftermath of the incident with the stone of Gol Jim spends a summer in S’chn T’gai household developing a relationship with his fiancé.

aos spirk really HURTS

tos spirk have been married for decades and the only problems they have is that spock still pretends he doesn’t have any siblings and kirk is like ”spock you really gotta tell me these things and preferably BEFORE your brother tries to have us all killed”

but aos spirk is like… they’re in love but they’re not even secure enough in their friendship to say a thing like ”we make a good team right?” unaffected

My headcanon for why Uhura seems to have chemistry off and on with different people depending on the episode is basically that she’s attracted to whoever’s annoying her the least that day

Something I don’t see mentioned a lot is how TOS Kirk, at the age of 16-17, was well on his way to being AOS Kirk.

Because at the heart of it, AOS Kirk was not a bad guy - he was angry and impulsive and more then little arrogant, but also intelligent and witty and more then a little lost.

Which is exactly what TOS Kirk was post Tarsus. In fact, TOS Canon says that the only thing setting him back on course was Winona dragging George back by his uniform collar and telling him to help his traumatized son heal goddamnit.

Now what happens is George takes Jim into space with him and the mission apparently goes wrong and that inspired Jim to join StarFleet and that’s lovely and all, but that isn’t an option for AOS Jim now is it?

So basically, everyone who looks at AOS Kirk and says, Jim Kirk would never, I’m sorry to say Jim Kirk did.

(Because he didn’t have George to drag him into space, kicking and screaming. I don’t doubt Winona tried, but the truth sometimes that isn’t good enough. Because it wasn’t his Father who inspired him to join StarFleet as much as watching officers in crisis mode (yes including his Father).

Losing George Kirk effected the timeline, sure we know that. But I think how it affected it is sometimes unexplored.)