last four requests, all the requests were such a fun to draw! thank you a lot, guys! :3

Sam and Sam for mrblanchett (who wanted Sam Vimes but did not specify, so here are both because I love them so much ♥)
Ran and Hibi for iracher (sorry I don’t know anime Slayers, but I couldn’t refuse request for drawing my favorite manga, there is lot of them though, but Ran to Haiiro no Sekai is certainly one them <3)
Luke for Anonymous (I’m so glad I’ve finally got opportunity to draw him, I have always been so in love with him :D)
and the book scene where the trio goes to visit dog Sirius during their hogsmead trip for zoosemiotics :3

I’m so sorry to all of you whose requests I didn’t manage to draw, maybe next time ^^


“hey what if Kylo had a pet squid?” really what has my life devolved into (also thanks kojima for the squid hat lol)

headcanons (??!):

- Kylo gets a pet squid out of spite; when still a squidling he can carry it around the ship and keeps it at his personal fresher but then it grows to more than 1 meter in length so he dumps it in the officer’s pool much to everyone’s chagrin.

- as it often is with pets, later everyone grows fond of the squiddy even if they hated it at first.

- Kylo is happy to have another Force-sensitive in his vicinity. The squid enjoys bellyrubs.

- possible future conversation:

Hux: “Can i borrow the squid?”
Kylo: “You sick fuck NO!!”

Okay I love the Kylux trope where Hux thinks loud, but I think I have a better one

Hux is an extremely quiet thinker, but he and Kylo have a bond. Neither one of them know that, really, though.

Like, Kylo can hear Hux’s thoughts clearly, as if he does “think loudly”

But if any other Force user quickly scans Hux’s minds, they come up with radio static
And that’s because Kylo is the only one tuned into his station