The Force is cute with these two. Han Solo and Chewbacca may be intergalactic smugglers, but thanks to photographer and life-long Star Wars fan Rocio Preciado of Cuije Photo, they’re also the cutest guns for hire in the known universe. Preciado arranged this endearingly awesome Star Wars-themed photo shoot to celebrate the 12th birthday of her long-haired dachshund Chewbacca. She made Han Solo and Darth Vader costumes for her two nephews and a dog-sized bandolier for little Chewie.

Preciado describes the geektastic photo shoot:

“Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, a furry little dachshund was born, the force was good in him, so they named him Chewbacca.

Celebrating his 12th birthday, the long haired dachshund invited his friends Han Solo and Darth Vader to a picnic at Kashyyyk, his home planet, where every day, a new adventure begins.

You would think that a dachshund and Star Wars don’t mix, but you would be wrong, growing up a Star Wars fan (it her case it was more like a religion) photographer Rocio Preciado knew just what to do when the opportunity to photograph Chewbacca came along, even making up the Han Solo costume from scratch by herself, that is the kind of attention to detail that sets her apart from the rest.

Let’s just wait and see what Chewie has planned for his next birthday!!”

Preciado also created this sweet behind-the-scenes video:

Visit the Cuije Photo website and Facebook page to check out more of Rocio Preciado’s wonderful photos.

[via io9 and Dogster]

Tonight I discovered what a Starweird is.

“A species of incorporeal humanoids found only in space. Tall and gaunt, they possessed long, sharp talons, wild white hair, and glowing eyes. The creatures appeared to spacers repairing their starships in space, or aboard vessels traveling through hyperspace. A starweird would choose a target, and, after being spotted, emit a telepathic scream that caused fear in most individuals. The starweird would then attack its victim. Starweirds were powerful creatures capable of using the Force.“ - wookipedia


That’s Ok. I didn’t need to sleep tonight. Or tomorrow. Or any night after.