AU where B'Elanna and Tom are good friends but she doesn’t really see herself having any kind of deeper relationship with him because she’s in love with the captain. Tom says he understands; he is also in love with the captain. Harry finds out they’re not together anymore and they tell him why. Harry understands because he too has a crush on the captain. Neelix finds out about all of this and is glad to know that he’s not the only one who adores her. Tuvok sees them hobnobbing and becomes concerned that they might be planning a potential security risk, but once he hears their topic of conversation he leaves for a few hours of meditation because it is inappropriate for a Vulcan to love their captain. Seven becomes concerned about Tuvok’s prolonged absence and winds up in a discussion with him about the complexities of emotions such as love and whether it’s appropriate to love your commanding officer.

Chakotay doesn’t notice any of this because he’s too busy daydreaming about how much he loves his captain.

Star Trek Voyager thoughts

I always thought it was funny when Q wanted to make babies with Captain Janeway. She already has Harry Kim, Seven, Tom, and B'Elanna to raise. She has children. A crew full of them.
Her mentory-motherish relationship with Seven of Nine is so beautiful and interesting; they really push each other and help each other to grow.

Captain Janeway is already a mom to her crew. She doesn’t need to make people with an omnipotent maniac playing court jester. She has her crew and they need her and she needs them. They are the truest ship family in all of Star Fleet. Their experiences in the Delta Quadrant have forced this shift but I think it’s what makes the Voyager crew my favorite. They love each other and it makes my heart fill with joy and feelings.


CS AU Week || day six; Another Time Period » Boldly Go (CS Future x Star Trek AU)

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship, Storybrooke. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Captain Emma Swan, of the maiden voyage of the starship Storybrooke, figured her five-year mission would be a peaceful one, of exploration and discovering new worlds. What she did not expect is to be chasing space pirate, Captain Killian “Hook” Jones, captain of the newly commandeered starship, Jolly Roger, to the edge of the Neutral Zone. He had been smuggling advanced technology to pre-warp planets and causing mayhem in his wake. Captain Swan tracks down the USS Jolly Roger on a jungle-rich Class M planet, known as Neverland, and decides to take care of the problem herself. However, in her pursuit of Captain Hook, they are both ambushed by the non-warp capable pre-teen natives of the planet, and they barely escape together. Now, both captains, stranded and lost, will have to work together in order to to make the voyage home.

There have been two Star Trek premises: Deep Space Nine and everything else. If development had gone differently, DS9 would have been a literal space western about Starfleet running a frontier fort in a Bajoran desert. It ended up in orbit, as a happier spit-shined Deadwood with Israel/Palestine vibes. Also, the Dominion War.

The other shows and movies are about a Federation ship, boldly going. That’s all. And Trek’s repeated that twice too often. Next Generation worked because we’d waited so long for more Star Trek, and because they improved on the original. And with Voyager and Enterprise, the premises were promising (ship lost in a new quadrant / ship from pre-Kirk history). But how those premises played out most weeks (“This part of space is NOT FULLY EXPLORED!!!” / “These aliens are UNFAMILIAR and MORE ADVANCED!!!”) also describes most TOS and TNG episodes.

So while the movies figured out a way forward by rebooting Kirk, the TV show teaser promised us new crews, villains, heroes, and worlds. And that’s filled the rumor mill with whispered nothings. Maybe it will be set between TOS and TNG. Maybe it will be an anthology. Maybe they’ll read a trove of Gene Roddenberry’s old floppy disks and base the show on whichever Authentic Roddenramblings they find

Whatever the show’s distinguished brain trust decides to do, they might be fine playing it safe. We’re so starved for new TV Trek that maybe all we need is another ship boldly going. But if they cowboy up and generate a new Star Trek premise, it can benefit from the franchise’s rich history while growing what the franchise can be.

4 Ways To Fix The Star Trek Franchise