Star Trek: The original series


The Royal Canadian Mint is releasing special edition, limited Star Trek coins to commemorate the series’ 50th anniversary. There are a few more coins that I haven’t posted at the link below.

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The Royal Canadian Mint launches an out-of-this-world coin collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek [TM]

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Walter Koenig says Star Trek Renegades 2 will be his ‘farewell to the Chekov character’.

Renegades 2, still in preproduction, will continue on from where the first left off. A band of, well, renegades acting outside the Federation on covert missions under Admiral Chekov’s supervision. 

Sad to see Walter go, but we all must go sooner or later.

So you know that scene in “Miri” where Jim hands Spock the broken tricycle and Spock briefly looks at it and hands it off to Bones and Bones just… stares? Like, his face falls and he sets it so gently down and spins the wheel as if envisioning a long-dead child riding it? And you can tell it just breaks his heart? Yeah, I think about that a lot.


Hey everyone!!! So in preparation for the new Trek movie coming out in July, I want to follow a ton of Trek blogs! When I (originally) joined Tumblr a few years ago, my blog was like 80% trek stuff. 

SO if yall post about the following:

- Star Trek rebooted movies

- Star Trek TOS

-The ENTIRE cast (not just the main few)

- any shipping (I ship it all)

-pics/gifs/videos/interviews of the cast 

-k a r l   u r b a n


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