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the last new print i’m doing for Octocon, i wanted it to feel kind of like the xerox’d art in old pre-internet fanzines?? if you’ve never seen any of those they are sO neat, definitely worth looking up some. i just love fandom history, and honestly, what better way to appreciate fandom history than with the original slash pairing (except maybe Holmes/Watson)

The Epic Subtext of the Original Star Trek Films (Part 1 - films I - III)

Whilst we wait for the return of Supernatural, and in honour of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek TOS, I’ve been re-watching the entire TOS TV series and then the movies with the original cast, which came later. 

The Kirk/ Spock love story is woven like a red skein into the heart of the movies in a way I hadn’t fully appreciated when I was younger. 

Essentially, filling in the gaps writ large by clues in the movies, Kirk and Spock were lovers at some point in the gap between the TV show and those films. “Your son meant more to me than you can know,” Kirk tells Spock’s father Sarek in, III The Search for Spock…

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