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‘I’m not confident in social situations; just going up to someone in a bar and saying ‘Hi’ going to be even more difficult because they won’t know the real me. They will just know me as a fictional person I play on the screen.’

Humanity - 13 (James T. Kirk/Reader)

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“Do something!” Uhura shouted as she listed to Spock let out another scream.

“I can’t, this is something he has to break through and to remember that it isn’t real. That it isn’t his memory and until he says his phrase or it becomes life threatening…he can take it.” Bones explained to her looking at the vitals for the both of you.

“Bones…” Jim said in a low tone, “We don’t even know what’s going on…they could’ve been trying to kill her…”

“I know…but she’s not dead so…he should be fine” Bones sighed only half believing it himself.

“Bones, why isn’t she responding anymore?” Jim stood up looking at him demanding answers.

“She’s gone in deep…deeper than I thought she’d be able to go. She’s got no tether to come back to, no life raft.” Bones looked at him as he gave Spock the mildest sedative through an injection, “It’s on Spock to pull them back. He’s in there as an observer, is how he explained it…if he can get her back…then we can pull them out.”

“What if he can’t?” Jim turned Bones to face him when he didn’t answer, “Bones…what if he can’t get her back…”

“I don’t know.” He shook his head, “I didn’t expect this…to work…”

“Then why did you suggest it!” Jim raised his voice as Nyota began to look pissed.

“Because they’re going to lock her up, Jim!” Bones shouted back making his friend silent, “They’re not finding any answers from the crew or the ship, so they’re going to lock the ‘problem’ up in a dark closet.”

“What…” Jim took a step back in front of where you lay as if protecting you, “they can’t just…”

“They can, Jim.” Bones slumped his shoulders in slight defeat, “When I found out I went to the board with my suggestion…We owe her our lives, and she obviously has great care for the ship and the crew. For Christ sake, she brought us home…I couldn’t just let her be locked up for helping us.”

Jim looked down to you frowning as he saw your fist clenched tightly. He wanted to just shake you awake and take you home. Finally he looked back to Bones, “How do we help them?”

You stood on the bridge feeling jarred as Jim walked onto the bridge,  Your heart thumped in your ears as you tried to get your bearings. You felt sick as you watched him walk over to the chair getting Sulu to move. You couldn’t hear as you watched him move over to Spock.

It started to click slowly…five years…

You shut your eyes for a moment trying to get everything to settle down. That’s when you heard him, “Y/N…”

You opened your eyes looking over to right at Spock and looked back to your left at Spock talking to Jim, “What…”

“Y/N…this is a deep state memory…try and remember…” he looked so beaten up and tired.

“Spock?” You were still trying to catch up to what was going on.

“Yes…you’re in a dream…” He tried to explain better, “You’ve just experienced psychological torture…do you not remember?”

Your eyes got wide as you felt a surge rush through your spine your hands grabbing your head, “Wha…I…”

“Y/N…” Spock took your shoulders in his hands, “You’re safe…they cannot hurt you anymore, as you are not there. Remember…you are on Dr. McCoy’s couch where we a conducting a test.”

You took hold of his arms opening your eyes slowly, “…how are you doing this?”

“Our minds are melded.” He held onto you watching you carefully, “I am experiencing your memories as they come to you.”

“To find the truth.” You told him as he nodded.

“We need to understand you. What you went through and what provoked you to come forward when you did.” He told you as you let go looking back to Jim on the bridge, “Y/N…I need you to show me what they did to provoke you to come out to us.”

“Please…” You swallowed shaking your head, “Please don’t ask me to do that, Mr. Spock.”

He stared at you for a moment before speaking slowly, “You remember…Y/N…to prove your innocence and get the Enterprise released…we need to have all the facts.”

“Spock…” You looked at him the bridge fading away leaving them in a dark space, “This is taking its toll on you…”

“I know my limits.” He looked down at you, “I will hold out.”

“It…” You shut your eyes, “was the attack from Krall…”

Spock looked over to you standing on the bridge. You were pulling up your own specs viewing at the approaching swarm. He could see the panic in your eyes as you looked to Jim who was no better then you.

“I will not…” You turned pulling up your screens again. Spock could only watch as your people came from nowhere surrounding you, “You can’t do this!”

“Hold her down!” One shouted as you struggled against them.

“I will not let this ship get destroyed! I will not let these people die! Not again!” You let out a scream as they dragged you from the bridge.

“Get her off the ship!”

“Ahh!” You screamed falling through the floor to a lower deck. Already the ship was being ripped apart and you could feel it. You felt the fear of the crew and desire to live flooding you. Yet you were being pulled from the ship. The last time you saw the Enterprise that day it the saucer was falling toward the planet.

Again you were in a dark room strapped to chair, “Shame…”

You looked at the woman again walking out of the darkness, “I will not…let you do this…again…”

“If your crew wasn’t so important…if your captain wasn’t so influential…” She leaned down looking into your eyes, “Believe me we wouldn’t be…but it’s too problematic to find a new guide.”

“You can’t…keep us from helping them.” You teared up, “You can’t stop us from forming a bond with them. We can help them.”

“That’s not out place!” She shouted at you.

“We will not stand for it! I will not!” You shouted back, “I will not stand by anymore when we have the ability to save them!”

She smacked you across the face, “Stupid girl.”

You stared at her fire in burning in your eyes, “We could benefit one another…both our races and you know it.”

“This is the last time we will reeducate you.” The woman stepped back, “Next time there will be nothing I can do for you.”

“Please…” You started to tear up, “Please don’t do this…”

“Shh…” She touched your cheek, “When you wake up, you will have a new ship and no doubt your captain back.”

As she stepped back into the darkness you heard her speak, “Don’t hold back…”

“No…nono…please…” You began to beg as two men approached you.

“Burnt eggs.” Spock aloud sweating profusely.

Jim looked to Bones and Uhura moved to Spock, “Shut it off.”

“Burnt…eggs…” He said again through gritted teeth.

“Bones!” Jim moved over to you.

“I’m working on it!” Bones whipped up an injection shooting it into Spocks neck.

His eyes flashed open taking in a deep breath. Uhura held him by the shoulders as Bones moved to inspect him, “Spock…are you okay?”

“Water…” He said breathless.

She nodded to him getting up running for the kitchen as Bones scanned him, “What happened?”

Spock swallowed leaning forward speaking shakily, “Sh..she…tried…She fought…”

“Spock take your time.” Jim looked at him for a moment before looking to you still resting on the couch, “Bones…”

He looked over, “She’ll be out for a moment…the drugs in her system are a lot stronger than the ones I gave to Spock. Her vitals are strong though.”

“She stronger then all of us.” Spock whispered as Uhura came back handing him a glass, “Far stronger…”


Idris Elba on the cover of Interview Magazine - August 2016 (X)

“Whatever its constituent parts-talent, sure; charisma, definitely—the combined quality Hollywood moguls and gossip columnists used to refer to as “it”-ness (as in, “So-and-so has it”) remains ineffable, mysterious, almost occult in its indescribableness. Whatever “it” is, Idris Elba has it in droves. Enough to fill a room, a movie, a long-running series, a planet probably.”




If there’s anything I’ve learned from superhero movies and shows is that the british supervillain goes into the glass cage.

Update: Magneto joins the list. Thanks to everyone who pointed that out.