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[Whenever I hear somebody talking about how Avery Brooks is too bombastic/eccentric/quirky as Captain Sisko, I just sit there thinking, “Have you even seen William Shatner playing Captain Kirk? Talk about over-the-top - but people generally just accept that as part of the charm of the show.” (I still have a lot of affection for the original series and for Shatner, but I sometimes feel like Brooks gets more shit for a much more subtle - maybe even better - performance than Shatner.)]

Star Trek Mini Munnys! 

Made with vinyl blanks, polymer clay and acrylics. Each little mini munny is about 2-3" tall, has movable arms and head and are a super limited run of just these 18 toys. The vinyl blank I start out with is discontinued in 2013 and there will be no more toys like this in the forseeable future. You can get these July 15-17th at Shore Leave Convention in Hunt Valley MD. After the show, any extras will be put up on Etsy.