Three times Garak was hurt to further the plot

by Polina_K_Viardo

Three times Garak gets (lightly) harmed in the name of the plot.

Words: 7053, Chapters: 3/3, Language: English

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Name: U.S.S. Defiant

Registry: NX-74205

Type: Defiant-class Starship

Captain: Cmdr. Benjamin Sisko

Affiliation: Starfleet (alternate)

Year: 2371

Background: Similiar developmental background, created in response to the Borg threat then set aside, reactivated when first contact with the Dominion was made and assigned to DS9. During that same year the Dominion made peace overtures to the Federation and when talks broke down the Jem’hadar attack. The Defiant was part of a Starfleet Task Force that repelled the initial assault, although heavy casualties resulted on both sides. After the battle Curzon Dax - the head negotiator during the talks - stole the Defiant and with the help of Chief O’Brien modified the engines so he could use the wormhole to travel to alternate dimensions. His plan was to find one where Odo hadn’t been killed during the negotations and bring him back to find his killer and release Bashir, Kira and Sisko who had been captured during the Jem’hadar assault. O’Brien stayed behind as Dax traveled to alternate universes, some controlled by the Borg, others where the Klingons and Cardassians had formed a conquering alliance, before arriving to the this universe. The Defiant was heavily damaged from its travels and part of the warp engines blew. Dax was beamed aboard DS9 before life support gave out. Later, when he stole prime universe’s Defiant with Odo, the DS9 crew repaired “his” Defiant and Sisko, Jadzia Dax, Dr. Bashir, Kira Nerys and Chief O’Brien followed him through back to his universe. They emerged just as the other Defiant was headed back to the Gamma Quadrant - cloaked, and they followed unable to cloak themselves. They were received by a Dominion Fleet and forced to surrender. Dax, Bashir and Sisko - whom the Jem’hadar assumed had escaped from the prison complex - were taken back to that prison while Kira and O’Brien remained undetected on the Defiant, the ship towed to the same prison complex. They followed the prisoners to that same prison and with the help of their counterparts, and Odo and Curzon Dax on their Defiant, successfully escaped the prison. Both crews returned to their respective ships (including Subcommander T’Rul) where Odo revealed Kira’s counterpart had murdered his, under the fear that an alliance between The Federation and the Dominion would have left Bajor vulnerable. Kira forced the others to escape the Defiant in the shuttle while she blew up the ship at the mouth of the wormhole, closing it. The other Defiant towed that shuttle to the Alpha Quadrant side of the wormhole before returning to their own universe prior to this Defiant blew up.

Appeared in Star Trek: DS9 “The Looking Glass War”, Malibu Comics

ds9 is slaying me atm …. these two literally own me istg.

dont ask me what theyre celebrating …. i just thought ‘hey they should be holding something’ and so i gave them champagne. i imagine theres some big fancy starfleet do happening and everyone brings plus ones so naturally bashir invites garak along. quark bets him two strips of gold pressed latinum that bashir wont kiss garak in front of the stuffy old cardassian-hating starfleet admiral that sisko begrudgingly had to invite along. bashir bets six strips that he will [all the while garak is rolling his eyes in the background]. bashir wins the bet of course.

I feel like a common Star Trek question is “who’s your favorite captain?” but I’ve always been more interested in who people’s favorite chief engineer is. I feel like the engineers are always, not only extremely skilled, but also very likable characters… and for me personally it’s much harder to choose a favorite engineer than it is to choose a favorite captain. So, if you would, reblog this and tag your favorite chief engineer.