I was busy today - can anyone guess what this will become? ;)
I started out with glueing and nailing several pieces of styrofoam together to get a base. Then I coated it with cardboard as that will be easier to paint. Styrofoam will melt if spray painted with the wrong paint (that is not acid-free). So be careful if you want to attempt that too!

  • Me: Reads/watches fiction because I can't cope with the real world.
  • Also me: Reads fanfiction because I can't cope with the real fictional world.

star trek really is the wildest shit like i grew up w all these gross homophobic dudebros talking about womanizer jim kirk the guy that shoots first and asks questions later and i watch it after years of objectively disliking it and instead i get the greatest love story between two men i’ve ever watched + space + intersectional feminism + metaphors about deep sociopolotical subjects. what the fuck


The Empath is one of my favorite TOS episodes. After Kirk volunteers (in the scene above) to be tortured in the place of Spock and Bones, the Vians tell him, “We’ve already observed the intensity of your passions, engaged your capacity to love others.” Later in the episode, Spock volunteers to be tortured in place of Bones, and Bones knocks him out with a hypo to prevent it. The crux of the episode hinges on the Triumvirate’s ability to sacrifice for one another, to love each other more than they fear pain and suffering. It’s a goddamn beautiful episode. 

In summary, it’s this comic in Star Trek form: