Star Slammers

Star Slammers

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This film was recommended to by Trever from Kentucky Fried Popcorn 

Here is what some on Netflix Instant have to say:

This is what life was like before internet porn. You stayed up till 2 in the morning to watch some piece of ____ like this on cable. there are two incredibly brief scenes of frontal nudity.

I assume this guy wants to save from Star Slammers, but he really sells it instead!  A bit further down, there is another accidental sale:

 At some points, this movie is sooo campy it’s almost painful to watch. Loaded with bad acting, editing splices and city scenes straight from the Gil Gerard Buck Rogers TV sets, this movie is definately a throwback to the old 70’s sci fi shows.

Again, this only makes me want to see it

This comment seals the deal:

 My favorite thing about this movie is the costumes. It is like they just opened up some old sci-fi/halloween shop and sent blind people in to pick things out. Then what ever they came out with, you stuck on the actors and sent them into the scene.