Look outside into the night sky and watch the stars.

See how they twinkle, how they shine for you.
Little spots of light in darkness.
They are truly beautiful.

They are truly strong.
So even light years away
They can be seen by everyone
As the sky’s Array

Have you ever realised
what you’re made of?
Every peace of you is made of stardust.

All of that beauty and strength is within you.
Maybe it’s hiding deep inside
But when you do
find it, darling, you will shine.



Mariella Lotti by Truus, Bob & Jan too!
Via Flickr:
Italian postcard by A. Terzoli, Roma, no. 420. Photo: Ghergo. Blonde Italian film actress Mariella Lotti (1921–2006) played leading ladies in a number of Fascist era and post-war films. The refined beauty quickly became one of the most popular Italian divas of the 1940s.