Stannis the Mannis


“Do I need to make you swear an oath before a tree?”

“No.” Was that a jape? With Stannis, it was hard to tell.

Stannis + Sass

Here’s the thing about Stannis Baratheon, aka “Stannis the Mannis, the Besteros in Westeros.” He is the epitome of that thing in The Office, where Michael and/or Dwight would do something stupid and someone else would look at the camera like “Can you believe this shit?,” except with more death and incest. Prince Joffrey is an incest baby. Can you believe this shit? Ned Stark behaves like an idiot and gets his damn head chopped off. Can you believe this shit? Tywin Lannister’s own damn son shot him on the toilet. Can you beliiieeeeeeve. This. Shit?

Dany fans vs Stannis fans, well do you agree ? :D

Edit: Thanks for your absolute hateful comments Dany fans, further proving the points here. Learn to take a joke, will you ? I make fun of everyone and everything including MY favorite characters such as Beric or Stannis. 
I did not get such hate from Lannister fans despite the constant mocking or any other characters fans for that matter. Daenerys fans’ support seems rather obsessive, don’t be that protective, it’s all for fun anyway.
PS: It was based on this -maybe you’d like that better-: