athenalestrange  asked:

How do you feel about Ser Penrose? And what was the point of him being in the story?

@racefortheironthrone​ nailed Ser Cortnay’s role here:

I think Penrose’s own extremism is also meant to critique Davos’ own extremism on this score. While in many areas, Davos tempers his idealism with the hardworn pragmatism as a Flea Bottom urchin turned smuggler, when it comes to Stannis, Davos like Penrose may well push his loyalty beyond the bounds of reason.

As I’ve suggested above, a good part of Davos’ respect for Ser Penrose is that Davos sees in Penrose a symbol of his own ideal – in a world where men change their cloaks all the time, Penrose keeps the faith. However, the fact that he’s also called out as stubborn and hungry for death – with even Davos wondering whether “could it be that Ser Cortnay seeks for a way to yield with honor? Even if it means his own life?” – the comparison also suggests that extremism in the pursuit of loyalty might actually be a vice. For Penrose, we must ask, what is the value of loyalty to a dead man whose closest followers have abandoned his cause (Loras Tyrell is going to want revenge, but you don’t see him trying to put Edric Storm on the Iron Throne), especially when your stubbornness might lead to the death of thousands? For Davos, we have to ask, what happens if his loyalty to Stannis leads him to embrace bad means for a good end?

Just to remind you who Gendry is, and why someone needs to legitimize him as Baratheon.

Gendry: But just explain it to me. He offered to have any three people you wanted dead. All you had to do was give him the names. Anyone. You could have picked King Joffrey. 

Arya Stark: Shut up! 

Gendry: You could have picked Tywin Lannister. 

Arya Stark: Jaqen got us out of Harrenhal. So why are you complaining? 

Gendry: Because you could have ended the war!


Thoros of Myr: Where’d you train? 

Gendry: King’s Landing. Tobho Mott’s shop. 

Thoros of Myr: That criminal! He charges twice as much as every other armorer in the city. 

Gendry: That’s because he’s twice as good.


Gendry: How’d you know he was a knight? 

Hot Pie: Well… ‘cause he’s got armor on. 

Gendry: You don’t have to be a knight to buy armor. Any idiot can buy armor.


Gendry: I’m done serving. 


Gendry: Oh, you like picking on the little ones, do you? You know, I’ve been hammering an anvil these past ten years. When I hit that steel it sings. You gonna sing when I hit you?

Stannis mannerisms that amuse me

  • teeth grinding
  • sprinkling *a pinch* of salt into his water
  • abrupt laughter 
  • rambling about things no one cares about
  • rattling papers at people
  • snorting
  • cursing in the background during Melisandre’s prayers
  • waving his hand
  • passive aggressive complaints to Jon Snow
  • grimacing
  • pointing at people
  • dramatically unsheathing Lightbringer during meetings 
  • shouting
  • “awkwardly untangling himself” from peoples’ grasps
  • forgetting who Gilly is