I just love the moment where Stannis tells Sam to ‘keep reading’. Sam has been mocked all his life for his passion for books, his father Randyll abuses him and considers him ‘unworthy’ partially because Sam likes activities that are seen as ‘womanly’. 

Stannis picks up on Sam’s discomfort at the mention of his father, and although Stannis is not the give hugs type, he gives encouragement. To an insecure person, that stuff goes along way and means alot.  

Stannis is also recognizing the type of minds that will be needed to fight the White Walkers: smart, well read types. Researchers and readers can find unique, groundbreaking ways to ward off threats. People who can think in creative ways come up with magnificent solutions. Not only is Stannis showing consideration, but also intelligence. Sam fulfilling his potential is best for everyone. 

Sam and Stannis don’t really have much in common, but I love that Stannis took time out of his day to encourage one of the brightest, yet sadly quite insecure minds of the whole series. 

In a weird way, and I know there is no way D&D intended this but I like to think Stannis would like us all to ‘keep reading’ and be a bit like Samwell Tarly. Be a Sam, not a Randyll. 


Dany had never looked upon the Usurper’s face, yet seldom a day had passed when she had not thought of him. His great shadow had lain across her since the hour of her birth, when she came forth amidst blood and storm into a world where she no longer had a place.

rhaella  asked:

what's ur fave thing about stannis

thing?  as in singular?  wrong

  • “Stannis, however, ordered Shireen’s instructors to focus on matters relating to good governance: geography, history, religion, and classical literature … Shireen got a more thorough education than Catelyn or Cersei did.”
  • Stannis: The boy (Edric) is innocent.
    Mels: The boy defiled your marriage bed, else you would surely have sons of your own. He shamed you.
    Stannis: Robert did that. Not the boy. My daughter has grown fond of him. And he is mine own blood.
  • ” — you will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt.”
  • When Davos brought the onions to Storm’s End during Robert’s Rebellion he made sure everyone had enough to eat before he ate even though they were all starved.
  • H E  A D O P T E D  A  H A W K
  • H E  N A M E D  I T
  • *grinds teeth*
  • The only King to actually listen to the Night’s Watch and aide them at the Wall.

anonymous asked:

Since there is so much evidence about what a scumbag Renly was why on earth would the show writers make him the best of the three Baratheon brothers? It makes no sense to me.

Because GRRM, in his tricksy wisdom, also made Renly intelligent, funny, and genuinely charming and then made his main opponents people who aren’t. 

When we first encounter Renly in Sansa I and Eddard III, not only is he a young Robert without the alcoholism and Targ-murder-boner, but he’s also making fun of the Lannisters who we’re being primed to hate even more because they’re trying to execute dogs. (Although if you think about it, isn’t it interesting that Renly comes off so well despite not lifting a finger to actually help?)

Then when we encounter him again in ACOK, he’s being contrasted against Stannis, who we’re also primed to dislike (so that the face turn works in ASOS). Remember, Stannis is introduced allowing walking empathy magnet Maester Cressen to be humiliated, and the next image we have of him before he meets with Renly is him joining a scary cult (another example of how priming wrong-foots people: Melisandre). And again, look at their meeting:

Again, on the surface, Renly’s the one with the better japes, the peach, and he’s the one who’s going to get horribly murdered so there’s the sympathy factor as well. 

The case for Renly falls apart when you step back, ignore all of the surface qualities, and ask yourself what has he actually done and what has he actually said. And that’s when you start to see all of the subtle thematic and character work GRRM has been doing in the background

My guess? Benioff and Weiss aren’t very good at literary analysis and simply missed that second layer. 


Have you considered my offer? I have. And I thank you for it. You do me great honor. All my life I wanted to be Jon Stark. Say the word and you will be. But I have to refuse you. I’m Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. My place is here.

“Stannis fans are the cancer of the community”. Let me correct you good sir! The cancer of the community are the people who disregard the true lore and awesome universe GRRM has given us himself. You might call us zealots, but just know there people who support all different kinds of houses just like us that are calling out the utter garbage that D&D have done to the world of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Until the one true king dies in the books we will never bend the knee to anyone else. If the show has also done a disservice to the house you support we also call upon you to raise your banners. We are united and won’t let these people destroy the universe we enjoy more than they already have.

He’s not dead till he’s dead in the books. And if he dies, we will place Shireen on the Iron Throne.
Or die trying.