Tattoos for Trade with @m_i_s_o_

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For Stanislava Pinchuk (@m_i_s_o_), an artist in Melbourne, the delicate tattoos she draws for friends are creative exchanges. Their stories inspire her work, and in place of payment, her friends give her things they’ve made, whether art, furniture, jewelry or even dinner.

“I see it as artwork my friends carry with them,” she says. “It’s very intimate, and charging for it seemed strange, so I’ve traded since day one.”

Stanislava tells the story of each tattoo and trade on Instagram: twin wildflowers traded for whiskey, a map of a family traded for a drawing, a galaxy traded for a photograph. Alongside these stories, she shares pictures of her work and studio with the creative community she’s built. “The collaborators and contacts I’ve made from Instagram are incredible,” she says. "I’ve been in touch with so many people I look up to because of it.”

This tattoo artist practices a unique system of economics. When you see her tattoos and how much they’ll cost you…you might want one.

Stanislava Pinchuk (aka Miso) creates simple and elegant tattoos for her friends and in return they pay her with what they feel the tattoo is worth. She has had some people cook her dinner, teach her a new skill, or give her a favorite book in return for the tattoo.

Her tattoos are hand-crafted and she feels that they are too important and intimate to be paid for with money. She prefers the pay-it-forward system of reimbursement instead.

anonymous asked:

Hey Marg, can you recommend some good reads and artists that you really like?

I’ve just about finished reading Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things, and will 100% be reading it again. Such an beautifully executed, raw piece of writing. Visual artist-wise, Stanislava Pinchuk (Miso) is exceptional. I recently discovered Catherine B Jones’ work, which I love. Same goes for Caroline Denervaud. Performance art wise, Park Hyun Gi is on the come up.

Stanislava Pinchuk : Fukushima VIII {Topography : Contaminated Soil Storage Nuclear Exclusion Zone},  75 x 101 cm, 2016. Private Collection.