This tattoo artist practices a unique system of economics. When you see her tattoos and how much they’ll cost you…you might want one.

Stanislava Pinchuk (aka Miso) creates simple and elegant tattoos for her friends and in return they pay her with what they feel the tattoo is worth. She has had some people cook her dinner, teach her a new skill, or give her a favorite book in return for the tattoo.

Her tattoos are hand-crafted and she feels that they are too important and intimate to be paid for with money. She prefers the pay-it-forward system of reimbursement instead.

Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk).

Miso is really taken with the idea of art, and especially street art, as being something which binds us as a community. It functions in a very old fashioned way, in that it becomes a way of telling and sharing stories and images, embedding them within the city. Like folk art, it comes to have a very particular, practical function. It brings us together as makers, viewers and consumers, finding new pieces and exploring the possibilities of our cities.


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Above: The latest ‘Artist Book’, for mid-July to early-September, 2014.    Two Editions are available, both are A4 books filled with recent original drawings&paintings.  More, here –

Below: Travel Plans for Finland, May, 2015, thanks to Successful Selection for an art residency at Arteles Creative Center, Haukijärvi.                 

Obviously, forthcoming Crowd-Funding coming soon.