and this is why I wish I went to Stanford


No.10 Stanford may have been outmatched, but they weren’t outsized. 

The Cardinals shot down No.2 seed Kansas with a rolling zone defense and a huge front line, 60-57.

Stanford held Andrew Wiggins to four points on 1-6 shooting, and forced the blue chip NBA prospect to commit four turnovers after averaging close to 30 PPG in his last four games.

The pro-KU crowd got dumped on, brains triumphed over beauty and the Cardinals became the second team to knock out a No.2 seed after UConn kicked out Villanova Saturday night. 

Damn March Madness you scary.

The NFL went to answer their door yesterday, fully expecting to see
Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh and quarterback Andrew Luck waiting to come
in, but instead discovered the Stanford duo running away in a fit of laughter.
“Did you see the look on the NFL’s face?” Harbaugh asked Luck between
catching his breath and trying to suppress the hilarity of their prank.
“The NFL was all like ‘Oh, I thought it was Harbaugh and Luck coming over.’
Nope. We totally got them.”

The NFL, who was eagerly awaiting Luck and Harbaugh’s arrival, didn’t
find the duo’s stunt as funny. “Damn it Harbaugh and Luck, get back here!”
shouted the NFL from its front step. “I know it’s you guys. This crap isn’t
funny.” Slamming their door in frustration, the NFL muttered under its breath,
“Whatever, I know I’ll get those two eventually.”