hey i got a solution to make sure there is no repeat of the injustice in texas

what if we signed a document declaring liberty and freedom for all based on certain unalienable rights and established that government came from the people and that when government overstepped its power the people could intervene

oh wait

Shit is going down in Texas

Today begins committee hearings on the new sb5 bills. You have to register at the capitol to give testimony to the committee. This morning the registration began earlier than advertised and somehow the pro-life groups knew but the rest of the public did not. It was established that testimony would end at midnight regardless of remaining people on the list. Because of the registration time change all the pro-life testimony will be heard first and most pro-choice people will not get to testify.
Last session there was a ‘computer glitch’ that randomized the order and let most pro-life people speak. I’d bet that glitch is fixed this time and sign-up order is enforced.
It’s one thing to play these political games with other politicians, it’s another to do it to the general public. I’m so pissed right now.

11 Awesome Things That Happened Because You Stood With Texas Women

By guest author: Planned Parenthood Votes President Cecile Richards

24 years ago, my mom, Ann Richards, ran for governor because she wanted to open up the doors of government and let the people in. Last summer, thousands of Texans took her up on that offer.

1. Wendy Davis gave a voice to folks who have been shut out of the political process for too long.

2. Leticia Van de Putte raised the point of order heard ‘round the world.

3. They tried to end the filibuster and force a vote — but the voices of hundreds of people standing shoulder to shoulder in the rotunda shook the Capitol to its foundation and stopped the bill in the “people’s filibuster.”

4. They tried to cheat in plain sight—changing the official record to say that the bill had passed just in time—to try to ignore our voices…

5. …instead, they got fact-checked by thousands of people watching and tweeting online.

6. Orange really was the new black.

7. And meanwhile, in the rest of the country, thousands more folks rose up in places like North Carolina and Missouri to make their voices heard by their legislators.

8. Every day since, folks in Texas have shown what it means to be “in for the long run.”

9. We met a new generation of activists – including plenty of folks who weren’t even old enough to vote yet, like then-9-year-old Beau Guidry who not only watched every minute of the filibuster, he live-tweeted it.

But the best part: He was so inspired by what he saw in the Capitol that last fall, he ran for school president – and won!

10. Today Texans are still standing, organizing, and fighting for women’s health — and we’re stronger than ever!

11. And the best thing to come out of the filibuster hasn’t happened yet – it’s when we make Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte the next governor and lieutenant governor of Texas!

according to Texas filibuster rules, Wendy Davis could not stray off topic, had to remain standing up straight, and could not take a bathroom break.  she stood for 13 hours to protect a woman’s right to choose.they tried to silence her but spectators screamed instead. she’s a true American hero and I wish more of us could idolize women like her instead of Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus