The One That Got Away

by reddit user bookshelfghost

Lily Harrison and I met at a graduation party when we were eighteen. As soon as I walked into the house, her bubbling laughter caught my attention. I couldn’t help but grin because it was so contagious, and she’d noticed. Already a couple drinks in, she pointed right at me and shouted, “Hey. You’re cute. Come be my partner.” 

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In the span of 93 days, Chris Bertish crossed more than 4,050 nautical miles of Atlantic Ocean — and he conquered this lonely crossing standing up. When the South African surfer entered English Harbour on the island of Antigua on Thursday, he was riding the same massive stand-up paddleboard that bore him from Morocco’s Agadir Marina roughly three months ago.

Still, if Bertish’s equipment wasn’t much different from when he started, his place in the record books now certainly is: On Thursday, Bertish became the first person in history to make a solo trans-Atlantic journey on a stand-up paddleboard.

In An International First, Surfer Conquers The Atlantic Alone On A Paddleboard

Image: Courtesy of Brian Overfelt for The SUP Crossing

Today I went out on the SUP and my dad took the kayak and we paddled to the beach. I’ve gotten so much better at it, and today the water was super crowded but I only had to kneel once, and that was for the wake of a 40ft boat. In the bay, we saw a seahare swimming and it was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen! I didn’t know they could move like that! I’ve only seen them sitting still on the bottom. If you wanna see something weird, look up a video of them swimming. They are more yonic than a painting by O'Keefe!! And then after that surprise we made it to the beach and carried the kayak and paddleboard over the dune and into the Gulf and I took a wave and paddled about and didn’t fall once! Saw schools of devil rays. I was standing in the shallow water and a devil ray came right up to me and almost ran into me before freaking out and changing course, but I got such a good view of it. They’re so incredibly beautiful, it is such a privilege to be sharing the water with them.