Stand up to cancer


I had an anon ask me if I thought Taylor wrote Ronan for the publicity and money. And other than the fact that all proceeds from this song are being donated, I think that these pictures prove everyone who thinks so wrong. I really didn’t want to edit and post these, but I feel like Taylor would want people to know that she is a real person with real emotions and she was affected, like a lot of us, by Ronan and his mother, Maya’s, story. And then there are the pictures of her actually performing this song, choked up by tears. You don’t follow someones blog for a year for publicity. So if any of you doubted if she really cared about the cause and little Ro and his family, these pictures are proof. She didn’t write “Ronan” just to have another song on the itunes charts, and she isn’t all about the money. She is a genuine, thoughtful, beautiful, person. That is why she’s my favourite singer. 


I probably don’t have enough followers to do something like this, but I’m going to go out and buy one of those over size greeting cards and send it to Andrea (or Big Machine or 13 Management or wherever). If you would like your URL to be included on the card please reblog this.

I promise to write down every single name that reblogs this.

I never want to hear people talk bad about her again. This is someone to look up to. This is someone more people should be like. She is such a kind-hearted person.
Speak Now..Help Now, Hope for Haiti, Kevin McGuire, Ronan. All of this shows her true heart. She is truly an amazing person and I love and respect her so much for all she does and continues to do. This song tonight, those tears, this was the most inspiring Taylor performance and by far my favorite. Makes me so proud to be a fan.