Stan's Tattoo

Right so, after a whole lot of research (and writing this post THREE times due to the fact Google Drive is being stupid and crashed twice on me), I’ve finally got the meaning of most of the symbols. 

Quick warning now though, the center symbol that looks like this ♀ kinda spiraled into my own theory that may or not really pertain to this? Eh going to mention it anyways. 

So here we go:

This was actually super hard to find, however its clear here that the bottom symbol means to “warn off evil spirits” which makes sense, and I also read somewhere that the “medicine man’s eye” could represent Bill due to his lack of a second eye, therefore put together its a sign warding off Bill. 

Then theres that symbol near the upper circle that most likely represents altocumulus, which is a type of cloud. 

Altocumulus is also commonly found between the warm and cold fronts in a depression, although this is often hidden by lower clouds. Towering altocumulus, known as altocumulus castellanus, frequently signals the development of thunderstorms later in the day, as it shows instability and convection in the middle levels of the troposphere, the area where towering cumulus clouds can turn into cumulonimbus.

(Found on wikipedia). 

The most interesting thing I find about this is the fact altocumulus clouds are often hidden behind lower clouds and bring storms, and Stan is a con man who hid his secrets behind his tourist trap, but when he’s plan was complete a “storm” came. 

The hardest thing to find was the ♀ symbol. 

I knew Venus was the Roman name for one of the Greek gods, and I was hoping it would be like a god of strength or war. 

For those of you who don’t know, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, feminism, and basically everything Stan is not. I tried to find some alternatives to this, however I could not find anything that was remotely similar to the picture at the very top. So I figured maybe the symbol represents someone Stan loved at one point, which brings me to the Carla Gleeful theory.

So in case your confuzzled, Carla was once Stan’s girlfriend before she dumped him for a hippie. After that Stan says his memory gets “hallucinationy”. Then in “The Hand That Rocks The Mabel”, we see this:

This was seen in Gideon’s commercial for his tent of telepathy, a commercial that was narrated by Bud Gleeful. But wait, Bud already has a wife right?

This poor woman?

According to the theory, Bud was too cowardly to tell Carla that he loved her, so instead he brainwashed her to believe that she was her girlfriend so that he wouldn’t have to. This is possible because we know Bud was apart of the blind eye society and because of this:

(Also going to point out, Pacifica’s memories are there too). 

Of course there are some physical differences:

The most disappoint thing to me being the difference in jawline. However in “Blendin’s Game” we also see this:

A happy rounded jawed Mrs. Gleeful. 

My guess is that Carla was pretty happy with Bud, until he started using the brainwashing wayyyy to much on her and she became the paranoid person we see today. 

Anyways, going back to the tattoo, maybe the ♀ is another sign we’re going to a see a reappearance of Carla? In “The Hand That Rocks Mabel”, at the end of the episode the code reads “Carla, why won’t you call me?”. Maybe we’re going to see her again in future episodes?

I realize theres probably a whole list of things we should be worried about OTHER than this, for example:

- Aftermath of the portal

- Whether or not Gideon escaped jail during the destruction

- How Bill will react to the return of the author

- Dipper’s relationship with Stanford

- Dipper’s relationship with Stanley

- Dipper’s relationship with Mabel

(As you can see I’m very worried about Dipper xD). 

However, I thought this was pretty cool nonetheless and if I’m correct and Carla DOES have something to do with that tattoo, (though its more likely that these are just two different theories based on the evidence), the fact that she, bill and a symbol that means “wards away evil” is what Stan has chosen to be his tattoo is pretty interesting and I’m really excited to see how this all plays out. 

So it ended up only being one page, but eh. 

I think it gets the point across!Based on the theory that Stan’s Tattoo prevents Bill from actually accessing and finding his memories. Hence why he needed the others to locate it and find it for him. Once it was found he could take it, but he could never just find it on his own. Sorry for the eyesore that is the purple and yellow Bill, but that was…ah…kind of the point. 

You can find the backgrounds alone overestimate HERE because (let’s be honest) the backgrounds are kinda the best part.


You’ve all seen the final product but why not take a peek at some behind the scenes footage of Gravity Falls as we take a look at the animatic for the second short from Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained, Stan’s Tattoo!

See what the show is like before all that color and amazing animation. Hear what the show would be like if Alex Hirsch voiced every character instead of just 90% of them. And most of all, enjoy!

Stan and Bill Comparisons

This guy…

There are some pretty eerie similarities between Stan and Bill. A few examples are:

They’re both snappy dressers. As we know Stan likes to dress nice, he always wears a suit. And bill is always seen wearing a tie. They both share the quality of dressing to impress.

But an eerier example of their similarities is the fact that they have said similar things and even said the exact same thing to the same person. 

In Boyz Crazy, Stan tells Robbie to buy gold.

“You’ve been buying gold, right?”

And in Dreamscapers, Bill tells Gideon to buy gold.

“Buy gold, bye!”  

Is it an odd coincidence? 

But the weirdest thing is that both Stan and Bill have said the exact phrase “eeny-meeny-miny- you” to Dipper.

In Tourist Trapped when Stan chose Dipper to go into the forest and nail up signs.

And in Sock Opera, Bill says this right before he rips out Dipper’s soul so he can use his body as a puppet. 

eeny-meeny-miny- YOOOUUUUU

It’s pretty weird and as to exactly what it means, we don’t have a clue. We just wanted to point it out.

So we know that this is not much proof, but we still think it’s weird, how they say similar things and dress similarly. 



i am 100% absolutely CONVINCED that stan’s tattoo is some form of warding against bill/mind invasion (as many people have already pointed out) BUT that it ALSO  was designed to strengthen Stan’s ‘presence’ and control in his mind

i mean think back to dreamscapers, stan was 100% aware and unsurprised of real!dipper & knew how to construct dream reality around ur wishes. He’s experienced with this shit and im 100% the fact that stan has previous experience with mind stuff

who needs to watch their step.. well that’s the question.


One Gif Set per Episode :
Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained - Stan’s Tattoo (X)

Gravity Falls Whispers

So, as we’ve been out of School for the past 2-weeks due to snow days, I have been Binge-Watching Gravity Falls, and as I reached the most recent episode at the end of the intro I heard these strange whispers

So naturally, I did what any curious person would do, freak the fuck out as I finished watching the episode. But Afterwards, I went to YouTube and started watching the Gravity Falls opening over and over again, and as I had assumed, the whisper was in every episode. So I downloaded it through 100% legal means, and opened it up in Sony Vegas. I increased to about +5 dB so I could hear it better, and realized that it was absolute gibberish, so I reversed it.

Listen closely now. “Three Letters Back”. 
So I’m literally sitting there like ‘Wtf’ and though maybe if I count three letters back for each letter in Gravity Falls three letters back in the alphabet I would get something;


Which roughly translates to nothing. Literally Nothing, it’s fucking useless.

OR SO I THOUGHT, If you google 'DOXSFQV CXIIP’ It brings up this really strange image of Bill surrounded by what looks like a bunch of meaningless text. I noticed this picture of Bill had him pictured in the same pose you can see him in as he fades out at the end of the Intro, so I decided to investigate it Frame by Frame to see if I could find anything, and low and behold;

For a SINGLE frame, as soon as the title card fades out you can find this picture. Now I didn’t understand any of this at first, but I did notice this series of actually legible letters (along with the Konami code slightly below it to the right *coughcough*)

So decided I could test the “Three Letters Back” trick on these letters and I’d see what I got.


Well that’s great. Also, I want you to noticed the 10 Symbols that are revolving around Bill in the picture. I’m pretty sure these are all supposed to be symbols that correspond to a character. The Question Mark from Soos’ shirt, Dipper’s Pine tree that’s on his shirt, The Stitched Heart from Robbie’s Hoodie, etc….

But anyways, back to Stan. Looking into Stan you can find a…sorta creepy video about Dipper and Mabile attempting to uncover the secret of Stan’s Tattoo.

“You’re never gonna see it, kid. Never. Gonna. See it.”

But I have Gruncle Stan, But I have. I think.
From all the teaser’s we’ve seen so far; 

We can get a sort of jest of what it looks like, But The tattoo was infact 'revealed’ in the episode 'The Land before Swine’ Stan has the back of his shirt ripped off, revealing this;

And if you can’t tell. These tattoo’s are NOT the same.

I feel as though it is safe to say though, that Stan’s Tattoo bears a closer resemblance to the symbol that we first find branded on Bill, and also on the side of Stan’s Desk in his lab

Also, at the end of S2, Ep10, you’ll find this screen for a few frames

Not to sure about this screen yet, but who knows what we’ll find!

“Final Heaven”