I really love freaking bisexual Cartman cause they actually shown evidence that he is that.

People usually say that a character is bi cause that character is straight but they want them to be gay with another character of the same sex.

You know like how people headcanon Stan. A lot of people say that he is bisexual even though literally he has never shown in any interest in men whatsoever.

But Cartman they shown him liking both guys and girls. God I am just so happy about bi Cartman.

I’m gonna list some crack OT3s of mine:

Kyle x Tweek x Clyde

Stan x Kyle x Tweek

Craig x Tweek x Kyle (I have only ever found one fanfic for this pairing, but I saw it so long ago that I forgot the name.)

Wendy x Stan x Clyde

Tweek x Craig x Clyde (This one was actually mentioned and had it’s fair share of fanart and maybe some fanfics.)

Wendy x Red x Bebe

Lola x Jenny x Esther

Lola x Jenny x Red

Clyde x Craig x Stan

Tweek x Craig x Stan

And that’s all I’ll put for now. I’ll probably add more, because, ya know, I love every single pairing there is in South Park.

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:( staaaaan stop drinking :( it's not good :( how do stans friends help him like Kyle and stuff Kyle help him.

We’re all kinda trying, it’s hard because he’s got a real problem…and some of us don’t take it seriously. I’m doing my best, but he still slips up sometimes..but I know he’s trying really hard

You know, it’s finally hit me why I empathise so much with Stan in this season.

Just like me, his 2016 is defined by the people he knows dividing among themselves and causing bad things to happen to everyone, bad things which get to him on a personal level and leave him nihilistic and cynical.

Thinking about it, the reason I want him to be happily back with Wendy so bad is because I feel like I’m not gonna be able to go back to a happier point in my life, so I just wish for a very relatable character to be able to get that instead.