Happy Thanksgiving!  ❤

Hey everyone, admins here, even if it’s not Thanksgiving yet chances are we’re going to be too busy to post tomorrow so we’re doing this now. There are many things we’re grateful in our lives and the support we’ve gotten from everyone with this blog is definitely something we cherish. Thank you to everyone who’s been with us for the past couple years (hiatuses and all). Thank you to everyone who joined us recently. Thank you everyone! It’s been an amazing ride so far and we can’t wait to see where things with the blog goes from here. These gifs are from all the boys to you: Have a great turkey day!

~Super Rhys & Wonder Adrian

South Park Characters as foods!

Stan - alcoholic chocolate (Made sense to me)

Kyle - orange flavored tootsie pop (lol)

Cartman - cheesy poofs

Kenny - the peanut butter candies in the orange wrapper (the ones that old folks give kids on Halloween)

Butters - cotton candy

Craig - blue raspberry Jolly Rancher

Clyde - strawberry cheesecake

Tweek - nips (coffee flavored candies)

Token - chocolate covered pomegranate seeds

Kevin - star wars Spaghetti-o’s

Jimmy - Laffy Taffy (with a joke on every wrapper ;D)

Timmy - strawberry shortcake

Scott Malkinson - Splenda (fake sugar (I’m so sorry XD))

Damien - hot sauce flavored ice cream

Pip - birthday cake ice cream

Michael (curly/tall goth) - burnt curly fries (lmao I’m a pun-master XD)

Pete (red goth) - burnt pasta (I have a headcanon that he’s got some Italian in his family ;D)

Henrietta - black licorice

Firkle (small/kinder goth) - burnt sugar cookies

Ike - blueberry muffins

Dogpoo - a fucked up Christmas tree shaped Reese’s (lmao)

Wendy - gobstoppers (the candies that change flavors (because she’s gender - fluid))

Bebe - cinnamon candies