Mad Men

That Peggy/Stan scene had me fucked up. Like, the slow realization on his face and then Peggy just kind of disjointedly telling him about it. I’ve wanted a scene like this for YEARS. And the fact that it happened between Peggy and Stan is amazing.

Oh Peggy, go and make your own agency. Take Stan with you. Basically, live out the plot  in event of moon disaster by arbitrarily. That fic is amazing.

wildcard47 asked:

For the character meme: Stan!


  • Character from another fandom whom this character is most like: Well, he’s a classic Jerk With a Heart of Gold, which is not an uncommon character type. I’m not sure who of that type to compare him to, though; maybe Dean Winchester? They both have high levels of overcompensation regarding masculinity and what not going on. We know that Dean is trying to live up to his father’s impossible standards - I don’t know what it is Stan was trying to live up to but there’s clearly something.
  • How is this character different from your favorite character?  (Or, if this is your favorite character, from your 2nd favorite.) If we’re talking about my favorite Mad Men character, then Stan and Ginsberg are pretty different. Stan tends to fit in to whatever the dominant culture is at the time, while Ginsberg never does. When it comes to important things Stan plays his cards fairly close to his chest (or thinks he does) while Ginsberg just blurts out embarrassing truths everywhere. Stan’s anger tends towards passive-aggressiveness; Ginsberg’s is incredibly direct. Of the two Stan is much more afraid of being laughed at. 


  • First crush: He’d say it was Ava Gardner or some lie but it was really Jill Newton, who had knobby knees and used to push him down on the playground when he bothered her. The man has a type, what can I say.
  • First time this character felt like a grown-up: The first time he made it with a girl. Obviously this was not true, as Stan wasn’t a grown up until he was 35.


  • Favorite/least favorite feature of self: He likes his creativity and his ability to use it to earn a living; he dislikes his own tendency towards childishness and insecurity when faced with something that hurts or angers him (ie. he reverts to being a douche) and I think often feels very embarrassed after he does something like that.
  • Talent/characteristic that this character envies in others: The ability to just go for what they want, without some kind of back-up plan, and without caring what anybody thinks about it. Stan always cares what people think. 
  • The role, relative to others, this characters sees her/himself filling: He’s the Mom. He wouldn’t describe it that way, but he is.


  • This character as a tarot card:

(does this work? I barely know the tarot)


  • Favorite moment of the day: Going home from work, especially on a Friday.
  • One thing that this character has always wanted to do but never has: Tell Peggy how he feels directly with no bullshit in the way. Quit a job he clearly isn’t enjoying anymore and take a risk on something new. He wishes he had a little more courage, I think.

“Looking back on it, it’s really sweet because Jay and I are extremely good friends now. He’s one of my best friends. I adore that man. And it was our first episode together, so we didn’t know each other that well, and we had to do this scene together where we’re taking our clothes off. It makes me smile and it makes me nostalgic because Peggy and Stan’s relationship developed into something so sweet and meaningful. He’s sort of her work husband.”–Elisabeth Moss on Five of Her Favorite Peggy Moments