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I feel loved. Have a Kuroo for all your stalking efforts.



AU! FFversusXIII Prompto in FFXV verse as Emoveo!

Im still bitter they changed prompto so here i am making Emoveo a character and giving him a name! since always calling him ffversus13 prompto is too mouthful.

so basically, in this AU he is prompto’s big brother. his age is about 24-25 ish

his height is 187cm. makes him taller than ignis. yes.

- his weapons are rare guns, arrows, crossbows, shot guns, bazookas, basically anything with bullets and that shoots.
- he is an expert marksman and always hits his targets in one shot kill.
- his only magic specialty is gravity.
- he loves spicy foods
- his hobby is observing prompto and assuring his safety ( by using his gravity magic //lololol stalker much ahahahaha ;; )
- his favorite animal are wolves
- he hates bright places
- favorite person is his little brother
- he hates his parents for not loving prompto
- he hates the lucis because of noctis meeting prompto
- he wants the war to end so prompto can be free
- he once planned to abduct his brother and use the memoria induco potion on him so he could forget about his involvement with noctis or luna and have a normal life. but he knows his brother will not like it.
- prompto doesnt know him
- he inevitably met with promto and noctis, gladio and ignis due to stepping in to save prompto from an incoming attack ( in which everyone was too slow to notice )
- he is a good cook even if he has no interest in it
- high tolerance with booze but prefers to have milkshakes
- he is a smooth talker but have no interest in flirting ( though sometimes he does it when needed on his mission 
- if theres the kingsglaive, theres the outer underground faction that protects lucis, consisted of spies and assasins “king’s evello” in which Emoveo was sold to.
- the king’s evello makes sure their soldiers does not have any family to care for them as they are considered the ‘dead’ / ‘unexisting’ lot. for them to dedicate themselves to work.
- Emoveo got out of the king’s evello when ardyn bought him from the faction leader. in which emoveo only found out in the latter
- He agreed to work with ardyn with thier goal to take down lucis. but save prompto
- though he swore to kill ardyn when ardyn hurt his little brother
- Emoveo moves in the shadows

thats it for the extra notes.

i was gonna add that he died to save prompto but I DONT WANT TO. it hurt like hell even if its in the story headcanon i thought about


ok plot idea: muse a is a delinquent at their school, and a scary one at that. they’ve been suspended multiple times, maybe even kicked out of a previous school, and everyone avoids them due to past violent offenses and their reputation as someone who is not to be fucked with. muse b is a clean-cut, popular, generally “good” student who never causes trouble, and doesn’t socialize with muse a’s crowd at all. until one day, muse b walks up to muse a and says they desperately need muse a’s help.

see, muse b has had a few admirers over the years, but recently, they’ve developed a suspicion that someone is stalking them. they feel eyes on them at all times, they think someone’s following them home, and they’ve been getting creepy notes and presents. muse b is beginning to fear for their safety, and can’t find any solid proof as to who their stalker is, much less any idea of how to make it stop. so, they have a brilliant plan: if muse a pretends to date muse b, it may scare their stalker into leaving them alone! everyone knows muse a isn’t someone to mess with – it’d be suicide to harass whoever they’re dating.

muse a is at first incredulous at the request, but upon realizing just how terrified muse b is, and how truly desperate they are to protect themselves, relents, and agrees to date muse b until muse b can take legal action against their stalker. muse a begins “dating” them in public, including walking them to and from school, but soon finds themselves growing genuinely fond of muse b… and genuinely protective. but muse b’s stalker isn’t letting up. will muse a have to take matters into their own hands to protect muse b? or will muse b be able to rescue themselves?

optional: make this a threeway plot with muse c, muse b’s stalker… who probably isn’t very happy about this sudden competition for muse b’s love.

There’s so much beautiful fan art out there, and of course lots wonderful animation of Ed, but sometimes I just go back and look at the manga and say “wow”.  Hiromu Arakawa just nailed it. Of course all of the Ed that came after is incredible; it was built upon perfection.