uhh…so I just found out that my fucking phone was using my google account to literally map everywhere I’ve gone in the last week.  I have location services turned off but because I’m logged on to my phone it recorded it or some shit.  I was fucking around on my account on my PC and I literally went in and saw a map of everywhere I’d driven to today…like holy fuck that’s creepy as shit!  I deleted it all but I have to find a way to make it stop doing that because god dammit I was there, I know where I was, why would google ever think this was something they should make?!


hey you.

yeah you, mofo. hop tf off my blog. frankly, idgaf if you think i’m weird or anything, tumblr is the only place where i can be me. im not gonna change who i am and what i do because of you. im a directioner and im proud of it, gtfo of my page and stop visiting if it’s not your style. leave me alone and stop being nosy just because you’re bored of your own life. im actually very proud of my blog and all my followers because they accept me for who i am. if they can do it, why can’t you? well you’re gonna have to anyway because i’ll always be the dorky directioner who blogs about 5 boys who changed my life. and someday, i hope you find a band who turns your day around like they do to me.

so to sum it up in the nicest way possible:


i really wont regret this because chances are, i really do fucking hate you. lol

hope you see this <3

love, monica. x

Today at Walmart #1

Today, when I was at walmart, this older guy who was wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat winked at me and then proceeded to follow me around for like 5 minutes. Therefore, I turn around and give him an irritated look. Then, he smiles and turns around and walks the other way. … I hate people…