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never thought id be this obsessed with disney characters. theyve been upping the gay.

Entanglement: Part 1

Entanglement: (m) Namjin x Reader

Word count: 5.4k

Genre/warnings: Polyamory, smut, dirty talk

This isn’t very long because I wanted the second part to go into more detail and whatnot but enjoy :)

Parts: one | two 

It was quite an interesting life you led. You were dating Kim Namjoon, a young successful writer who had his own publishing company. He was dashing and smart who treated you like a queen. People knew you had met him from your current boss Kim Seokjin. He was handsome and sexy, kind of an asshole but for some reason that worked for him. They had met in college, hating each other, competing against each other for grades, girlfriends, money, anything with an eyesight of each other. That was until one day they were assigned to be partners for a project in class. They had fought against it but surprisingly to them, they ended up liking each other. So much so that they ended up in bed together even more than that, they’ve been dating since.

No one knew though, except for some friends and family. They like to keeping it to themselves. They of course, didn’t want people defining them because of it or people thinking they couldn’t do their jobs because of it.

Jin was your boss at an accounting firm. Although you thought he could be a model. He barely ever paid attention to you when you first started but that didn’t stop you from looking at him from afar, boss or not.

One late night, when you had been unfairly given way too much paperwork because you were new, you went to put them on Jin’s secretary’s desk so she could send them out first thing Monday morning. Once you laid most of them on the desk you were caught off guard by a strange noise coming from Jin’s office. You were flipping through the paperwork, trying to ignore the different noises.  

You didn’t think anyone else was here so you were slightly scared. Although you wanted to run you couldn’t help but wonder what it was. What if Mr. Kim was choking and needed saving? Or was upset and needed a kind shoulder to cry on? You couldn’t help but want him to like you. He was your boss for god sake, your beautiful, shrill boss. You didn’t know why but you craved it. If he even look that you just walking by you would end up thinking about it all day.

When you walked up a couple of stairs to his office and slightly opened the door, what you didn’t expect was for Mr. Kim to be naked, pounding a tall blonde man who is shouting, “Hyung please!” If you thought about it, you could still hear his plea so clearly in your ears. You could still see them so vividly while you were frozen at the door.

Seokjin standing over the man as he held his hips slowly thrusting and teasing him as a smirk played upon his full lips. His tanned skin dripping with sweat as he slow fucked the gorgeous man underneath him. The paler man was lying forward across the desk, holding onto it for dear life.

They’re grunts and moans filled the room and you were dripping as you were standing still. Not wanting to take your eyes off the beautiful scene. Suddenly, one particularly hard thrust sent you gasping for more and sent both sets of eyes flying to the source. Your eyes widened as the blonde man, being fucked doggy styles did too. On the other hand, Jin just darkly smiled as he moved quicker inside the young man, watching you.

You moaned innocently before the younger man called you to come join and you got scared. You couldn’t help me drop your papers you had forgotten to put on the desk and run. You grabbed your purse as you ran to your car, driving as fast as you ever had, home. You didn’t know why he beckoned you. You didn’t know why you want to do or why you hadn’t.

All you did know was come Monday you would definitely be fired. All weekend Jin and that man was the only thing you could think about or touch yourself to. Your roommate was worried about you but you didn’t care, you were too freaked out. You wondered why you had to be that nosy. Why you had to go check on the noise. You were normally never like that. You never investigated, if you heard something you ran. So what was it about that night?

You stayed in your room and when Monday came it was all you could do to not call in sick. You didn’t though, you held your head up high and when you got to work the blonde man was leaning against your desk. You swallowed hard, just the sight of him made you wet again even if he wasn’t begging for Jin. You breathed out and closed your eyes for a moment before mustering up the slightest courage to walk over to your desk. Flashes of that night were bouncing through your head, making it harder and harder for your wobbly legs to make their way over to him.

The man was faced the opposite direction, looking for you as you quietly set your stuff down. You cleared your throat as to finally get his attention. When he ended up turning around his startled face became one of playfulness. You couldn’t help but stare at the handsome figure as his dimples made their way onto his sculpted face. You innocently stared at him as he fully turned to you. Your sharp intake of breath made him chuckle, “Wow, Jin mentioned you were stunning but you truly are gorgeous.”

“What?” you didn’t know if you were still asleep and a fantasy was coming true or if this was a sick joke that would cost your your job and add humiliation to your name. His eyes widened as a smirk still played on his lips, as if he wondered why you’d speak to him so informally. “I’m sorry, I- I don’t know what to say.”

You were embarrassed at the way he looked at you like prey. People were starting to look a the two of you. Everyone knew that he was Mr. Kim’s friend. He would stop by a lot and you had seen him once or twice in passing. “Just take the compliment, lamb.” You just stared at him as he called you the innocent pet name. “You look like such a good little girl.” Your breath then got caught in your throat at his words.

His jaw tightened, so turned on by your innocence. “You caught Jin and I the other night, didn’t you?” All you could do was nod your head. “Awe, speak lamb.”

You could feel yourself shaking. “I didn’t mean to, I promise!” You said quietly, still trying to get your point across.

“Hey, hey.” The man stood up as he put a hand on your shoulder. He was so tall, thin but muscular. He seemed so kind but then could ruin your body in an instant. You pushed those thoughts aside. “He’s not going to fire me is he? Really, I didn’t mean to. I would never tell anyone, I prom-”

“How do you feel about two men?”

You tried to catch her breath from your early please, “I think it’s fine. I don’t care who you love or who you fuck.” You said quietly, looking around hoping no one could hear you or see how scared you were.

“I mean you being with two men.” Namjoon smiled and bit his lip.

You looked back up at him, confused. “What, I’m sorry… I don’t understand.”

Namjoon’s soft smile was small, “Come to Jin’s office in three minutes.” You started to object but he walked away, going up and into Jin’s office. Most people were watching him, then looking at you.

Your friend Kate came over to you quickly, “Are you alright? What did Mr. Kim’s friend want from you?” She eyed his office door, “He’s really hot.”

“I don’t know.” You tried to play it off. You put your stuff away before having to go into Jin’s office.

“Uh, yeah right. Seriously what did he want?”

“Kate, I don’t know. He told me Jin wanted to see me, okay? I don’t know what it’s about.” You wanted her to just go to her desk so you could walk to Jin’s office and calm down. You are already freaked out enough, you didn’t need her breathing down your neck.

Suddenly Jimin walked up, “Hey ladies. Y/N, what did Mr. Kim’s friend want?”

“I don’t know! Christ sake.” You whisper yelled before you walked over, walking up the couple of stairs, to Jin’s office before knocking. “Come in!” You heard as you took a deep breath, trying not to stumble in as you walked through the door.

“Close the door and have a seat.” Jin said, standing behind his chair. The other man leaning against a side table with mixtures of alcohol on it.

“Yes, Mr. Kim.” You did as he said, closing the door.

“Oh, I like that,” The blonde man said looking at Jin.

“Y/N, this is my friend Kim Namjoon. I believe you’ve already met.”

You sat, “We have.” You smiled and nodded politely to him and Namjoon smiled, I want her Jin.“

“Namjoon, shut up and sit down.” Jin rolled his eyes.

You sat up, feeling like the soft plush chair could eat you whole as the two beautiful blonde Kim’s stared at you. Namjoon crossed his legs and folded his hands nicely as he stared at you and then he looked at Jin.

You nervously bit your lip as Jin finally spoke, moving around his chair. “Miss Y/L/N,” he slowly sat in his huge chair, still intimidating you. “You found Mr. Kim and I and in… well in compromising position last Friday-”

“I swear I didn’t mean to, really. I will never tell a soul, I promise.” Your body felt like it was going into shock. You feel the tears threatened to spell, ready to make you look weak. Your lips started to tremble before Jin spoke again.

“Please, don’t interrupt. I know you won’t… i’ve been watching you since you started. You’re a good little worker, no doubt you’re loyal.” You nodded as he continued, “You’re not in trouble, alright. I just wanted to make that clear.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kim. I promise it won’t happen again.” You figured that was probably the end of the conversation. So you started to rise out of your chair as Jin then finished his sentence, “I mean, if you did there is an offer for you to join us.” You had never fallen back so quickly.

Namjoon chuckled slightly, “You’re scaring her my prince.”

“Well, I don’t know how else to make it clear without her wanting to get HR involved.” Jin huffed, “Remember, we’ve only had one other person fully in this relationship.“

"I know, but the look in her eyes when she saw us-” Namjoon started.

“What the hell are you two talking about?” You said out of the blue, making both men turn to you, shocked. You hated being the center of attention, and the main point of conversation and having no clue what people were talking about.

“Excuse me,” Jin stated.

Namjoon smiled, “Jin and I have been together for a long time. We love each other and also like bringing other people… well into the mix.” You swallowed hard, slightly turned getting wet from his words. “The way you looked at last night was more than arousal. It seemed like you almost wanted to join.” Namjoon waited for an answer but you just looked at him instead, leaning closer to you, “I want to give you that, I want you. Even just for a night.”

You heard his words, looking at Jin who was waiting for an answer. To be honest he didn’t think you’d agree.

“I don’t think I could just have sex with you. Especially someone who is my boss.” There was no doubt you wanted to do this but it seemed like a trick. Then again, at least this way you’d be even with Jin and he couldn’t fire you, if you did… at least you’d hoped. No denying you had always wanted to be in a threesome, and this way was even better, with two highly respected young men. Hell, you’d just watch the two of them fuck again, it had been all you thought about and this would consume your thoughts if you didn’t do it. You doubted you would get any bonus points with Jin from this anyway. He was such a dick sometimes he wouldn’t bat an eye at you afterwards. Maybe that was comforting to you, to know that he wouldn’t dangle this in front of you if you did it.

“How about dinner?” Jin said suddenly.

“Dinner?” You asked curiously.

“Yes,” he said, seeming quite bored. “Have dinner with us and maybe you’ll want to come home with us and get your brains fucked out afterwards.” He said those few words so calmly and you were so turned on that your legs instantly pressed together. Namjoon caught sight of that and he smiled, “I think that’s a yes.”

“Y/N,” Namjoon called for you, pulling you out of your memories. “Yes Joonie?” You yelled back. “Come to bed, please.” He sounded needy. You smile to yourself, turning the TV off. Needy Namjoon was a sight, he was your favorite. When he was needy he put all his focus on you and Jin. You walked down the hall, getting to your bedroom in your shared apartment. Namjoon was in his usual spot in the middle of the California king bed with red silk sheets, Jin’s favorite, speaking of, “Where’s Oppa?” You asked as you stood at the door.

“He’s in the shower. Come on baby, I’ve missed you. I’ve barely gotten to see you today.” Namjoon said, sitting up.

You slowly walked towards him, “That’s not true. You ate me out on the couch while Jin watched and touched himself.” You stopped at the foot of the bed.

“Mh, it seems like I do remember that happening.” He slowly crawled towards you on the bed, stopping before your lips met. “How good was I?” He asked, raising his eyebrows for your answer.

You made a face as you answered, “Well…”

“Oh no you didn’t,” Namjoon kissed you quickly before setting up, grabbing you and throwing you on the bed, making you laugh. He was only in his boxers and his beautiful pale body pinned you down. You were only in a black t-shirt that was actually Jin’s and matching black panties. Jin liked when you or Namjoon wore his clothes, it was a sign you were his. Namjoon liked that to but he also enjoyed marking you and Jin.

You kissed and rolled around in the bed for a little bit, touching and moaning. You couldn’t believe you had been in this relationship for two years. You are more than in love with both of them. Of course they had only ever had one other person in a relationship like this and each other. You didn’t know a lot about it except that it was a boy. Jin was really fond of him but that was a long time ago and he didn’t last as long as you. There was one photo of him and it was in Jin’s home office but you had only ever been allowed in there once since he kept it locked. You’d see in the picture and just knew. Jin had seen you looking and ordered you out, he didn’t talk to you for days after that. It wasn’t until you had thrown yourself at him, begging for him, that he had given you a second look.

You know they loved you but you were never sure how much sometimes. Although you knew Namjoon loved you more, way more. He was open about that sort of thing.

After Jin got out of the shower he joined the two of you in bed. He was wet and yet so beautifully striking in his white shirt that clung to him and his blue boxers. You had ended up sitting on Namjoon’s face as he ate you out again, watching Jin blow Namjoon. Something about Jin’s lips, even Namjoon’s, had you wet. Watching them around Namjoon’s cock was like an out of body experience.

After that you are cleaned up and got in bed together. You were on the left side of Namjoon who was always mostly in the middle, unless you snuck in so you could be between both men. Jin was on his usual side, the right, close to the bathroom door. You could hear them both snoring softly which made you smile, yet you couldn’t sleep.

You looked over at Namjoon, watching his chest move up and down slightly. Looking up at his soft sleeping face. The great thing about Namjoon publicly being your boyfriend was that when he came to visit you were allowed to stop working to be with him. You guessed it was also perks of dating your boss. You could see the way people looked at you, jealous, dating the boss’s best friend. Everyone thought Jin was biased of you because of that, if they only knew.

You felt powerful and alluring having these two men. You were afraid it wouldn’t last long because of your jealousy but you were very in love with both of them and you had fallen hard for both of them. You love being around Jin all day. He wasn’t lovey-dovey and he still treated you like someone who worked for him. Although sometimes you would slip and almost call him his nickname. “Oppa?- shit I mean, Mr. Kim.”

“Y/N, you better be glad no one else is in here.” He rolled his eyes but the truth was he loved that name. He had chosen that for you to call him in and out of bed. The same for Namjoon except he liked being called daddy sometimes and Jin never wanted to call him that.

“Sorry Op- Jin, fuck Mr.-”

“Fuck me, get on my desk. Ass in the air… Now, I don’t have all day.”

Although it was your favorite when Jin would slip up and would want you at work. You couldn’t read Jin like you could Namjoon. Jin seemed so put together but some days he was so needy for you and Namjoon.

Your remember the first time Jin had ever broken down and brought you into his office. You had been in the relationship with them for six months. Namjoon had given you and told you to wear these panties he had gotten you online, panties with a vibrating attachment in them. But what you didn’t know was that he had given the remote to Jin. All day Jin had watched you and messed with you, smiling from his office. You couldn’t take it, it was almost lunch and you had come three times already, rushing to the bathroom to clean yourself off each damn time.

Jin knew, he loved it. He loved that he didn’t even have to touch you to make you come. He had even called you on the phone and told you what a dirty little girl you were, making you come again, before he hung up and went back to work.

You aren’t even too sure if he actually liked you or not but later that day when people started leaving you felt your underwear start the vibrate against you again. You were kind of glad you could see him from your desk. He smirked and you bit your lip. You wanted to fight back so you pushed your work aside and moved your hand down to your skirt. He watched curiously as your pushed your skirt up and back, rubbing your panties harder against yourself as you close your eyes, moving your legs wide open so you could get a better feel.

Your phone ringing brought you back out of your trance. You quickly used your hands that was gripping your desk to answer, “Hello?” You said a little raspy.

“Get your ass in here now!” He said into the phone as the vibrator turned off, making you whine and Jin hung up.

You saw Jin get up as he closed his blinds. You said goodbye to your friends, Jimin and Kate, as you fixed your skirt, took a deep breath and walking up to his office, lightly knocking on the door. “Come in,” was said loudly. You opened and closed the door slowly, “Lock it.” Jin stated as he spoke again, pacing back and forth “That’s right Joon, she’s been quite the bad girl today.”

Your eyes widened as he motioned with his finger for you to come over to him quickly. You try to hide how excited you were and you practically skipped over to him as he quickly so you want his desk before you could say anything. Jin pushed his chair out of the way as he sat you on his desk in front of him.

“Oh, she has?” You heard Namjoon’s voice over speakerphone.

In the six months that you had been dating them you had never gotten to fool around with Jin alone. Of course you had kissed and innocently touched but then Namjoon would you get there and things would quickly escalate. You had often been alone with Namjoon when you would come and visit them at their penthouse. You knew Namjoon was still there on the phone but he wasn’t there physically.

“Tell him,” Jin said, looking down at you with his blond hair parted the way you liked. Just the slightest bit was in his eyes.

“Daddy, I was a bad girl.” you said looking straight into Jin’s eyes.

“My baby girl was bad? What did she do?” Namjoon asked.

“Tell him,” Jin retorted.

You softly pushed Jin’s hair out of his eye. “I touched myself at my desk for Oppa, in front of everyone. I also came a couple times without permission.”

Jin’s jaw was tightened as you said those words, looking at him. You wanted him to be weak for you like he was for Namjoon. You opened her legs, “I’m ready to come again, if Jin will let me.” You said innocently with a pout.

“Fuck,” Jin said quietly. Your hand grabbed his bringing it to touch your heat. “Don’t you see how much I need you?” You asked.

“Jesus, I wish I was there.” Namjoon said through the phone.

Jin kept his eyes on you as you guided his hand against yourself, moving your panties to the side. “She’s fucking wet, Joon, she’s soaking.”

“Shit,” you heard Namjoon shuffle and his pants unbuttoned.

“You want me, don’t you?” Jin asked and you’re nodded. 

“I do, Oppa, please. You’ve been teasing me all day. Fuck me into this desk.”

“Christ Jin, fuck her. You’ve been toying with her all day.” Namjoon said as he started slowly stroking himself. Putting his own phone on speaker and setting it down on his desk.

Jin just stared at you, “You really want me? Tell me how badly.”

“Yes, tell Oppa, baby. If you do a good job I know Jin will fuck you hard like you want. Tell him what you like.” Namjoon sat back in his chair, ready to listen.

You looked at the phone as Namjoon spoke. Once he was done you looked back up at Jin, “Jin, i’ve needed you all day. Every time I’ve come I’ve thought about you fucking me while Namjoon fucked you or also fucked me.” You saw Jin try to compose himself as you continued. “It all felt so good,” you whined. “But my fingers couldn’t suffice for your big cock. I need you, Jin so badly. It’s so hard to work with you every day and not want you to just screw me in the next week.”

“God,” Jin grunted as he pulled you closer to the edge of the desk.

“She likes to be fucked with her clothes on, Jin. It makes her feel like you can’t wait enough.” Namjoon panted.

Jin ripped open your shirt, not even sorry he did as you gasped. He helped you push your skirt up above your thighs as he moved your panties to the side. You started kissing him as you both unbuttoned his shirt and undid his belt and pants. You push them down as he positioned himself and thrusted hard, into you. Your hands were all over his chest as you could hear Namjoon moaning over the phone.

Jin pulled back, “Shit, she’s real nice and tight around my cock, Joon. Do we not fuck her enough?”

“Goddamnit, I’m so pissed I’m not there. Choke her for being a bad girl, my prince.”

“With pleasure,” Jin smiled as his hand moved from your hip to your throat, slightly holding onto it as his other hand held your hip as he pounded into you. Your one hand flew from the desk to hold his alarm, helping steady yourself.

“Jin,” you could barely get out.

“What? It feels good doesn’t it? Oppa’s dick always feels good, doesn’t it? Namjoon, I wish you were here to fuck me and see how well Y/N is taking my cock.”

That imagery made you and Namjoon moan out loudly. “I get to fuck you extra hard tonight for torturing me like this.”

“Yes,” Jin said as his thrusts didn’t let out. He felt so good inside of you, thrusting back and forth. He let go of your throat as he put his hand in the back of your hair, pulling you closer to him. “Yes, fuck yes Oppa. Daddy it feels so good!” You screamed out as you pulled Jin closer to you and your fingernails ran down his back.

“Fuck, baby. You’re close aren’t you?” Jin stated.

“I am, please help me come. I need it so badly,” you begged.

“I don’t know,” Jin pulled you back to look at him. He started slowing down but every other thrust was jolting you forward.

“Oh god,” you cried, “please!”

“Joon, what do you think? I mean she’s come so many times today. Even without our permission…”

“Let her come, baby. I mean you’ve been torturing her with that remote all day. I remember when you did the same to me. We can punish her later.”

“Please,” you looked up Jin with your plea. Wanting to hear about that story later.

“Thank daddy for letting you come.” Jin told you.

Jin never really liked calling him that when he did it really was a struggle for you because it sounded so much better coming off his lips. “Thank you, thank you daddy for letting Oppa make me come!”

“That’s my good girl. Alright, we’re are close. Fuck her Jin, make her come hard all over you.” Namjoon said and you could hear him stroking himself so fast. Jin held onto you tightly as his hips quickly and a radically moved. He was hitting that spot inside of you over and over again that made you scream.

You held onto Jin you has he grunted and released inside of you as you came around him, pulling him down for a kiss. You panted in his mouth as his tongue entered yours. “Mh, that’s right, come for Oppa.” Jin moaned as you heard Namjoon choke on a grunt as he came. Your eyes had rolled back into your head as you came and came down from your high. Your eyes shut as you laid there on Jin’s desk. Jin pulled out of you, making you whine. “Joon, we’ll see you at home.” Jin said before hanging up. “Fix your clothes and let’s go home.” He was buttoning his shirt back up and tucking it in his pants.

You sat up a little too quickly. He was so abrupt, you never know what he was thinking. You fixed yourself, buttoning your shirt and fixing your panties and skirt. You rushed out, going to your desk and grabbing your purse and belongings. Not knowing if ‘home’ meant going to your own or going to his. You just really wanted to see Namjoon right now.

When you got out to the parking garage you started to walk to your car. “Where are you going?”

“To my car. You said to go home….”

“Yeah, I meant…” he stopped and sighed, walking abruptly toward you. “Move in with us.”

“What?” You laughed slightly and his jaw tightened. “I’m sorry, but it’s only been six months Jin.”

“You don’t think I know that? The penthouse Namjoon and I have is way better than that shitty little apartment you share with someone, I’m sure.”

He made a good point but you shook your head. This relationship is already so new to you. Moving in with two men who had already been together for so long? “Come on, Namjoon already bitches that I get to see you more than he does. You would get to come home to both of us this way.”

You eyed him for a moment, "Jin are you sure?” You were already so in love with both of them. You wanted to be closer to them anyway and in a slight way you were always jealous that they got to see each other and sleep in the same bed. You did love their place though…

Although you never imagined in a million years Jin would be the one to ask you to move in. You figured it would be Namjoon. He had already told you he loved you, he wanted you around and you knew that.

“Y/N,” you heard your name. “Y/N,” it was echoing, you knew it was Jin’s voice though. “Y/N!”

You were snapped out of your thoughts, realizing you were sitting at the kitchen island with tea in front of you and Jin looking at you. “What are you doing up?”

“I couldn’t sleep. What about you?”

“Same as you. Is that tea?” He nodded to your cup.

“Yeah, hot water is on the stove.”

“Great,” you heard him say as he walked over to it. You heard the pouring of the water as the box of tea was open and shuffled around before Jin closed it and put it up. “What were you thinking about?” He asked as he moved around the island to sit in front of you.

“When you asked me to move in… why did you?” You said down your tea quietly.

He answered you before blowing on his tea, “I wanted you here, is that so hard to believe?” He grab the sugar and a spoon before sitting back down.

“Just… I remember the look in your eyes so clearly.”

He stirred the sugar in his tea, “I realized I was in love with you.” He still wasn’t looking at you and that bothered you.

“Is that true?”

He looked up at you, tapping the spoon on the side of the cup before dropping the spoon, “Why would I lie?”

“I don’t know Jin, that’s why i’m asking.” You said calmly as he looked irritated.

His face was stern, speaking before he took a sip, “I’m not lying.” He put the tea down, looking at you as you sipped yours. “You let me fuck you without Namjoon there, he was on the phone, but that’s beside the point.” He breathed out, “I remember that day very clearly. I wanted you very damn badly and you didn’t seem like you are afraid of me like you used to be. I knew you liked Namjoon more and that’s hard for me. I like being the favorite. You were just so… good. I knew I loved you and I wanted to keep you around. Now here we are two years later.”

You smiled at him before another voice startled you. “Here you guys are. I woke up alone.” Namjoon walked in the kitchen, kissing Jin before going to the refrigerator. He got out some water before downing the whole thing, walking over to you. “My little lamb wasn’t clinging to my side like usual.” You finished your tea, pushing it to the side while Namjoon picked you up, “Come back to bed, both of you.”

You giggled, holding onto him as Jin smiled. “Get your asses into bed and start preparing each other. I need both of you.”

You and Namjoon looked at each other before he held onto you tighter and raced into the bedroom.

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(steve harrington x reader)

request: Drink me for Steve prompt (Leave a “Drink Me” in my ask, and I will write a drabble about characters drinking, alone or with each other.)

summary: steve is a cute drunk, and thinks mark hamill is hot as hell.

word count: 1,824

a/n: i’m tired and a lil tipsy but i like it (it being the fic)

“Okay, so we take a drink every time that someone uses the Force. Or mentions the Force! Or a lightsaber!”

“Dude, no. I don’t want to get alcohol poisoning.”

“Then we’ll drink every time Mark Hamill looks hot as hell.”

“Once again, I don’t want to get alcohol poisoning. How much have you had to drink?”

“A lot. Like, not a lot a lot, but a decent amount.”

You stared at Steve, whose head was lolling back against the couch as he grinned up at you. He had this dopey look on his face as his fingers held the beer can tight in his grasp.

“What if you drink and I stay sober so that way you don’t die?”

“But how will I know when you find Mark Hamill hot as hell?”

“I always find him hot as hell, Steve. It’s a given.”

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Are we talking Stilinski house floor plans?

Because I saw this post and it inspired me to post my own idea of what the Stilinski house looks like. Ignoring the parts that don’t make any sense.

So here’s the exterior we’re given in 3B. I’m assuming this is the back of the house, since there’s no address or porch light, and no sidewalk anywhere. Just a sad concrete slab under the stoop.

I have issues with these side wings tacked on here because they don’t match up to what we’ve been shown of the inside. Also there’s a window in Stiles’ room, in this very scene, that would probably be partly inside the roof on the right.

There’s a garage that factors in here somewhere. We see it in season 2 when the Sheriff tells Stiles he’s been suspended, and it looks like it’s a two car garage. (It’s also a very nice brick, which doesn’t go with this siding shown, and I’m devastated about it, because I really love brick.) 

(Side note: Sheriff parks on the right, Stiles on the left.)

There’s a door out the back of the garage, not a square window, so in that exterior shot, it would be on the left side of the house. But it looks like you can see a bit of the house through the back door, so based off of this image below, it would be on the right.

Downstairs interior!

The only time we see this is in the first season, when the Sheriff seems to be set up working in the dining room. Which also has a couch and a television for some probably-lowkey-angsty reason.

But beyond that at the back of the house is the kitchen. There’s a window just visible through the doorway, so that is an exterior wall, and the little nook at the back fits with the back exit of the house. In the exterior shot, it doesn’t look deep enough to have counters, but since it does in the picture here, I’m assuming it’s a small mudroom, maybe has a washer and dryer.

Here we see that there’s a door out of the dining room to the left, next to the TV. 

The angle of the very ugly landscape painting makes it look like a hallway or a room leading straight out from the dining room, but that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because:

Another reason this dining/living room combo makes no sense is that there seems to be a front room behind the Sheriff below. And that side window means the attached garage on the left makes no sense; the window would be right in the middle of it.

So based on all of these pictures, and ignoring the parts that don’t make sense, my version of the downstairs interior is this:

I also threw in a breakfast table in the kitchen, which I assume is piled high with stuff so they can’t actually use it.

As for the upstairs, it’s a mess. We’ve only seen Stiles’ room and the hallway, and his room doesn’t actually match up with the back corner they put it in for the exterior shot in 3B.

In season 1, it seems to be at the top of the stairs. There’s been a couple scenes where the Sheriff is walking past from the left to right like he’s heading downstairs to leave for work, so the hallway extends past Stiles’ room, probably to a bathroom and the Sheriff’s room, maybe a guest room or office. 

I don’t know why that back wall of Stiles’ room doesn’t have a window, unless there’s a very long and thin bathroom at the top of the stairs. But this seems to be the layout of that corner of the upstairs:

But in the exterior shot from the beginning of 3B, it’s in the back corner of the upstairs, and the window on the left it looks like there’s another bedroom next to his. So Stiles’ room would open right into another bedroom, and the hallway doesn’t work anymore.

I’m assuming the difference has something to do with them moving production to California, maybe getting different people for some departments, losing sets or houses they shot in, but it’s very annoying. And I’m not even going to go into that bullshit standing in for the Stilinski house in 6A.

(There was a disturbing lack of fish in that house, and somehow I doubt that: A) he picked up fishing obsessively after Claudia died, B) Claudia didn’t allow any fish paraphernalia and the second she died, he hung up six fish on plaques, or C) somehow his fishing obsession is tied to Stiles being his son, because neither of them have ever mentioned it.)

(Though forced fishing trips are one of my favorite things in fic.) 

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Found it! Please could you do a smut where y/n and harry are in Jamaica (for his album) and she is wearing something slightly revealing and he gets a huge boner and Jeff and Mitch tease him then he picks up y/n and has really rough sex with her then gets teased a load by Jeff and mitch afterwards xxxx If you don’t mind just because it’s sounds really cool!!

skskskkksksk I was like wait I totally wrote this before and then I realized that it was in my google docs not finished omg omg haha im sorry! here it is! Enjoy! xx


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Warnings: strong sexual content, language

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Playing DnD with friends the other day

DM: Okay, you find yourself in a basement and around you everything is covered in slime, and you see a flight of stairs to your left.

Friend: Can I perceive for where the stairs lead?


DM: Okay you —


DM: You what?! You’re a dwarf… uh - okay you know what… fine roll for athletics.

*rolls 20*

DM: Oh my fucking god… Okay, uh … not only do you successfully flip your way up the stairs, but you do it in one giant leap from the foot of the stairs all the way to the top, as if you were kissed by Hermes himself.


An Unexpected Surprise - Cody Christian Imagine

Request by Anon: Hey! May you do an imagine where Cody and (y/n) rarely fight but when they do it’s a hell of a mess and the current situation is that he and the (y/n) are having a fight, a really big one bc he accused her of cheating on him, bc maybe she’s coming home late and she’s always on the phone, but what really is happeningis that the reader is organizing a surprise birthday party to him, so when he finds out he’s really regretful for thinking she ever could do that to him and a happy and fluff ending? 

Warnings: Arguments, being accused of cheating, some curse words

Word Count: 4,056

Author’s Note: I couldn’t help myself with this prompt. I hope you like it. 

My Teen Wolf Master List

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Cody’s POV

The first sign

It’s funny how time flies by when you’re not looking at the clock, but when you do watch the clock, time seems to move slower. I drummed my fingers against the kitchen table as I slowly watched the second hand take its sweet time to move around the clock. Y/N was 29 minutes late. She’s never late and I was beginning to get worried something might have happened. If she was working late, she would have called or texted me to let me know. But tonight, she didn’t and I couldn’t help but think of the worst.

Just give her one more minute, I thought to myself as I pulled out my phone. Instead of looking at the clock on the wall, I looked at the time on the phone. Why must the last minute take the longest?

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Chloes always trying to take her clothes off after she's had a few drinks and Beca just wants to out her to bed -☆

lmao i love this a lot! Here’s a pre-USO thing, could be AU, could be canon?? who knows????? not me

note: drink responsibly, friends.

half the city is now too big for your taste

word count: 1535

It was bearable when the Bellas were around. Beca usually rallied Fat Amy or Stacie or Flo to help wrangle Chloe back to the Bella House after a night of drinking and/or partying.

(They usually go hand-in-hand.)

Now, in New York, Beca has to figure out how to do this by herself because Amy leaves them alone often enough that Beca has become Chloe’s confidante, drinking buddy, and general keeper because Chloe’s been feeling as directionless and tired as Beca has. It’s just that Chloe’s coping mechanism has manifested in trying out every bar they have within their area or a few subway stops away. 

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awe, harry was probably cozied up with a cup of tea this morning, embracing his homeland while watching the wedding. :,) if we really want to get into it, the missus being curled into his side, going on about how gorgeous it all looks and how she wishes she was there.

I feel like he would have gotten up rather early, as well. Kind of feeling all over the place - not necessarily feeling the nerves he felt on his wedding day but feeling all those excited tingles in his belly - because it was a huge day for all Brits across the country and he couldn’t wait to be a viewer to another one of the biggest wedding ceremonies to happen in The Royal Family. Eager to get all the coverage from the very beginning of the telly broadcast to the very end for the general public. 

When the missus walks down the stairs after a couple of hours extra in bed, without him, he’s making a greasy, and deliciously smelling fried breakfast for the both of them in the kitchen, with the telly on a louder volume than normal so that he could hear what the presenters were talking about. Listening out for anything that may catch his attention, attentive to the fact that the Prince could make his arrival known at any given moment, ears perked up for something he wanted to catch a glimpse at. And feeling her arms snake around his waist is what makes him jump, startling a yelp from him, before he gets all giddy and excited with her.

“Why are you up so early this morning, hm?”

“Just couldn’t sleep,” he mumbles into her hair as he presses a kiss to her head and squeezes her to his front, “s’a big day tonight, innit. Lots of things to do. Lots of things to watch on the telly and look out for. S’a shame we’re not in Windsor for the weekend.”

“I’d rather not be up in all the crowds in this heat,” she informs him with a pat to his bum, face nudging against the tee that covers his chest, “you’re so giddy. You’re that excited, huh?”

“’course I am. Aren’t all the Brits excited about today? S’a massive thing,” he chuckles as he unwraps his arms from around her and plants a wet kiss against her cheek before he turns his attention back to the oven behind him, “I’m making a bacon and sausage fry-up. You good for that, yeah?”

“Yeah, I’m starving.”

And when the wedding does start, they’re cuddled up on the sofa, cups of tea on the coffee table and some biscuits on a plate - because he knows her cravings and he knows she’ll crave a chocolate biscuit to dunk into her tea - that were in easy reach. They’re silent until it’s necessary to speak, he’ll sing the hymns under his breath, and they’ll natter away about how gorgeous Meghan looks and how handsome and nervous Prince Harry looked at the end of the alter.

And the discussion about the royal wedding would only endorse a conversation on their own wedding, that was two-months short of it’s first anniversary, and they’d reminisce about how the day had gone. How nervous they both felt, how excited they were, how she couldn’t wait to become a Styles and how he couldn’t wait to make her, legally, his wife. His partner in crime. His soulmate.

“Remember how I was so close to bricking it in my pants. In front of every single member of our family. I was cacking it,” he snorts softly, his arm draped over her shoulder as she snuggled a little closer to his side, “seeing you walk down the aisle though, it was a moment that I’ll never forget. You looked so gorgeous. So beautiful. Your dad had this look in his eye that should have sent me running out the door but he looked so happy and-”

“He told me, before we started the walk, that he was happy you were the man I found. I was expecting him to tell me that I had the chance to run. That I could have legged it away from the church. But he didn’t, I wouldn’t have, anyway, becauseI love you and you’re the best man I’ve ever had the chance of loving and being loved by,” she looks up at him and smiles sweetly, “and he just said he really liked you. Was really happy that you were going to be his son-in-law.” xx

Hour Two : The Devil's Spawn

Prompt : “Now you really are the spawn of Satan.”

A/N : 2 out of 24 (Also Damian’s like 16 in this)

Pairing : Damian Wayne x Reader

[•] [•] [•]

Waiting downstairs with a smug smile, you looked up at the stairway expectantly. “Damian, hurry up!” You called, “The party already started an hour ago. We’re going to be the last to arrive!”

“I’d much rather not arriving at all.” You heard him grumble, but you still couldn’t see him as he was all the way at the top of the staircase.

Dick and Tim, who were both standing beside you, looked at you curiously.

“Why doesn’t he want to go?” Dick asked. He knew his little brother wasn’t exactly the ‘party’ type, but Damian was a big softie around you and has never once complained about going anywhere with you.

You merely smirked and nodded your head up the stairs.

“What’d you make him wear, Y/N?” Tim laughed, getting what you meant.

You stayed silent with your arms crossed as you waited for your boyfriend. He was sixteen, yet he still acted like that bratty ten-year-old boy you met on your first day at Gotham Academy.

Suddenly, the three of you heard something most likely valuable and priceless break from upstairs and an angry shout was heard.

“Todd, put me down this instant!” Damian yelled, and finally you were able to see half of the awaited costume.

Once Jason’s feet were off the last couple of stairs, he carelessly dropped Damian to the ground.

Almost instantly, laughter was heard and your outraged Robin’s cheeks flushed red. From anger or embarrassment, you had no idea. But you imagined it to be both.

“Nice costume choice, Y/N.” Jason complimented with his usual smirk. “I think it matches his personality perfectly.”

Damian growled, “No one asked for your opinion, Todd.”

“I didn’t think I needed permission.” Jason retorted, snickering.

“Wow, Damian. Now you really are the spawn of Satan.” Tim commented before he laughed even harder.

Dick was trying to surpass his laughter since he didn’t want Damian to kill him later, but it soon slipped out and he was now laughing as hard as Tim and Jason.

“What’s with all the laugh—” Bruce said, cutting himself off and stared unemotionally when he caught sight of his son in a costume that he never expected him to ever wear.

Bruce averted his eyes towards you and you shrugged innocently. “He said I could pick out his costume.” You said as if that explained everything.

The billionaire pinched the bridge of his nose, “As long as I don’t have to dress up as the devil, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see any of this.” He said, pointing at Damian who gaped at him with betrayal in his eyes.