Stained glass


Haven’t made any art in a while hhhhh. but anyways, here’s @blueswapuniverse Blue Pearl! tried doing a stained glass style thing? (it took longer than the paper style orz) Couldn’t decide which one was better, so posting both! doesn’t look the best on desktop by the way (aka best viewed on mobile!)

Edit: Holy cow this blew up! Thank you everyone for the likes, reblogs and nice comments, really appreciate them <3

It was all shapes.

Guess which video game I finished (and am like halfway through a second play through on haaaah)! Night in the Woods is charming, and I loved the characters and the colours. I heartily recommend it to anyone who liked Oxenfree, Undertale or Life is Strange, among other things. I don’t know if I did the game’s actual colours justice, but I tried. 

Like my stained glass style? I’ve done others!

Want one I haven’t done? I take commissions!