Handcrafted Stained Glass Feathers by Colin Adrian

Oregon-based artist Colin Adrian utilizes traditional stained glass techniques to create one of a kind feathers that can be displayed in a variety of imaginative ways. While you could hang them just as they are, we encourage you to tap into your inner artist to discover a creative presentation that’s all your own. Whether you upcycle a broken chandelier by replacing its missing crystals or tie them to a branch to create a rustic mobile, we’re sure you’ll have fun coming up with unique and exciting ways to showcase these colorful handcrafted beauties. Check out Colin’s Etsy shop to see the various shapes and colors these stained glass feathers are available in

The Two-Faced Goddess, Grimdark, Lady Luck, the Seer and Guide and Wand-Wielder, the Hero of Light and Rain. 

Frost and Frogs 
Heat and Clockwork
Wind and Shade


London-based artist Laura Keeble creates works of stained glass pop art using antique stained glass painstakingly cut from former church windows. Her works to-date include a complete McDonalds Happy Meal, a six-pack of Pepsi cans, Starbucks coffee cups, CCTV surveillance cameras, and a pair of sneakers with their shoebox.

Head over to Hi-Fructose for additional photos and to learn more about Keeble’s awesome upcycled artwork.

[via Hi-Fructose]