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I watched Time Tour concert for a thousand time and i saw the moving stage. Everytime i watched Arashi’s concert the moving concert always intriguing me. Is it really Jun as the first person on earth who came up with that idea? So this time i digging some information on internet.

I can’t find anything until i found this article from NY Daily News. The date for this article: December, 29th 2013 (remember it was eight years since Arashi using moving stage for the first time in 2005) with title: Innovations in Concert Stage Designs Change Relationship Between Fan and Star. Basically, this article talking about Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, and Drake using moving stage in their concert which is new in concert.

When i read this article i was like, “wait, you said this is new and innovative in 2013? but arashi already using it way before 2013!” Suddenly i really proud of J, the concert master of Arashi. Well, at least based on this article i can say that J doesn’t copy an idea from some big hollywood musician’s concert.

I’d like to think that J is the first person who came up with this idea. Why, if america said this is innovation in 2013, surely this moving stage doesn’t came up either before that in europe (especially in Britain). The entertainment relations between America and Britain is pretty close, it is impossible if moving stage already using in Britain but America said it is innovation later on. And for me those two country is benchmark for some fresh idea in entertaining audience.

I don’t know about Korea. But i think it is safe to said that Korea doesn’t use moving stage in before 2005. I have no basic reason for this but i do think korean wave or kpop idol do not using moving stage before 2005. When i heard of kpop, one of the first group that came up is Super Junior, so i searching Super Junior using moving stage in concert.

I got this article from 2011. In this article, there is quote from Lee Teuk that said, “Up till now, we have shown performances composed of sudden appearances and disappearances, as well as flying through the air but this time we will show spectacular scenes in which stage itself is moving.” So, it is safe to said that Super Junior doesn’t use moving stage before.  if there are someone in kpop-idol-world already using moving stage, is it possible for Lee Teuk to said they will show spectacular scenes with moving stage? I think that is kind a impossible.

So in the end, i have to conclude my question in the first paragraph with: Yes, it is J as the first person to came up with moving stage’s idea in concert. Am i to naive or to bias as an Arashi’s fan? Maybe. How about you? Do you have any opinion or any information about this? I’m really curious  

Edit: aibashi and maricha-17 told me that J got the idea from Michael Jackson’s concert but J deepened and defined the concept Edit 2: stayarashic gave new information. Jun got idea from Michael Jackson for couple things in their concert but not the moving stage. stayarashic never seen moving stage in MJ concert Edit 3: cherryjellies just gave some evidence that N'Sync was the first to use moving stage in 2000! Maybe we should conclude that N'Sync was the first? Or anyone else has another opinion?

Tour de France stage 17-Saint-Gaudens to Saint-Lary Pla d'Adet 124.5km

The Queen stage!

Team Tinkoff-Saxo goes big again in the Pyrenees, with a stage win by Rafal Majka. This was Majka’s second win of TdF14, and he is currently leading the King of the Mountains competition. (polkadot jersey) 

Vincenzo Nibali, Astana, remains in yellow.