I saw Tyler and Josh

for this first time. I went to the St.Louis concert 2 days ago. it’s the best concert I’ve ever been to. Tyler & Josh were so nice and interactive with the crowd. they played most of Blurryface and some of their old songs. I wish I could go back. I cried when they bowed and said “We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you.” |-/

So I met Panic! At the Disco the other day.

Fun fact about this encounter: In my right hand I’m holding my ticket from the first time I ever saw them back in 2006 during the Nothing Rhymes with Circus Tour and in my left hand I’m holding my ticket from this year. 

I showed the ticket to Brendon and told him that it was from 10 years ago and he got really excited which I didn’t expect. I thought he’d just be like “that’s cool” but his face in the picture was his face when I told him what the ticket was. 

I’m just glad that I saved that ticket stub all those years ago and thought to bring it to this meet and greet. It definitely made me feel like I had a unique experience with them.

Also as I walked away I noticed even Zach was smiling so that was cool.


Thug Motivation

Start the week off with some words from B.M.F.s leader Big Meech. You heard the song inspired by the man now hear the man himself talk about leadership. Shout out to St.Louis where part of the criminal empire existed.