Everyone Is Gay: Weekly Recap!

As you may have noticed, there is a LOT going on everyday on the Internets, so we are going to give you a recap of what went down in Everyone Is Gay land each week. Or, try our hardest. This will be TWO weeks of recaps, and holy smokes… a lot happened. Here we go!

April 12th - April 25th, 2015

  • We also celebrated our birthday by doing StageIt shows with Secret Someones, Rachel Browne, Jenny Owen Youngs, and Julia Nunes, and TONIGHT AT 5PM EDT we will complete the series with a show from Mitten!! Come hang!

  • Second Opinion Panelists Red Davidson and Anita Dolce Vita gave you advice on how to be a good ally when your friend is transitioning and queer prom fashion, respectively.

  • PLUS… Hit indie duo, Krannielle debuted their video for hit single, “Happy Birthday Everyone Is Gay” !!!

Have an amazing weekend, beans. XOXOX, Dannielle & Kristin


Someone brought up “Defiance” in my inbox, and while I’d rather not post that again, I was reminded of this video of Brandon Bollig in college at St. Lawrence University. Somehow. Don’t ask how my brain works.

Decreasing the hour on students’ alarm clocks might increase their grade point averages.

A study conducted by St. Lawrence University in New York showed that students who wake up for earlier classes are more likely to perform well academically, a trend some OU professors said they are surprised to see.

Serge Onyper, assistant professor of psychology at St. Lawrence, was one researcher involved in this study.

Read more from The Post.

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This is a simple diet and memory trick. Research studies indicate that chewing gum can improve short-term and long-term memory. Some researchers found this even with sugar-free gum. So it’s not the sugar. One theory of why this works is that the chewing motion increases your heart rate. Increased heart rate increases blood flow to your head and brain. More blood flow means more oxygen, which helps your brain work better. Rather than chewing gum constantly throughout the day, maybe save it for times when you need to perform well mentally. It’s probably not a good idea to chew gum when giving a speech or other situations where you need to talk. But when studying, reading, or taking an exam, chewing gum might give you that extra mental edge. If you decide to start chewing gum, I’d suggest the sugar-free variety only. Orbitz is one brand that I like. It comes in several different flavors. But any sugar-free gum is fine. (via Diet and Memory - Feed Your Brain!)

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They will come back, those days, and start you dreaming,
Years after in the fall when you’re away.
You may forget for years this place, this college,
And find it in your heart some autumn day.
You will remember then these other falls,
The color and the campus and the town,
The easy days that somehow slipped away,
As scarlet leaves melt swiftly into brown.
—  Mary Martin, St. Lawrence University ‘43

Artwork of the Day: A water-soaked, handwritten copy of St. Lawrence University’s alma mater, one of dozens of sheets of music rescued from the bell tower of Gunnison Memorial Chapel by Canton firemen on Monday morning, following the fire in the chapel on Sunday. Photo: Varick Chittenden, Canton