We’re setting up camp at St. Lawrence University this week! Here’s the schedule:

  • Thursday 10/8 - The Life of King Henry the Fifth at 7:30
  • Friday 10/9 - The Life of King Henry the Fifth at 7:30
  • Saturday 10/10 - Julius Caesar at 7:30
  • Saturday 10/10 - The Importance of Being Earnest at 11:59 (you read that correctly, this is a midnight performance….)
  • Sunday 10/11 - The Importance of Being Earnest at 5:30

Pre-show music begins for each performance one half-hour prior. Click here for more information.


Someone brought up “Defiance” in my inbox, and while I’d rather not post that again, I was reminded of this video of Brandon Bollig in college at St. Lawrence University. Somehow. Don’t ask how my brain works.
Students who wake up early have higher GPAs, study shows

Decreasing the hour on students’ alarm clocks might increase their grade point averages.

A study conducted by St. Lawrence University in New York showed that students who wake up for earlier classes are more likely to perform well academically, a trend some OU professors said they are surprised to see.

Serge Onyper, assistant professor of psychology at St. Lawrence, was one researcher involved in this study.

Read more from The Post.

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This is a simple diet and memory trick. Research studies indicate that chewing gum can improve short-term and long-term memory. Some researchers found this even with sugar-free gum. So it’s not the sugar. One theory of why this works is that the chewing motion increases your heart rate. Increased heart rate increases blood flow to your head and brain. More blood flow means more oxygen, which helps your brain work better. Rather than chewing gum constantly throughout the day, maybe save it for times when you need to perform well mentally. It’s probably not a good idea to chew gum when giving a speech or other situations where you need to talk. But when studying, reading, or taking an exam, chewing gum might give you that extra mental edge. If you decide to start chewing gum, I’d suggest the sugar-free variety only. Orbitz is one brand that I like. It comes in several different flavors. But any sugar-free gum is fine. (via Diet and Memory - Feed Your Brain!)

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