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SPC baseball coach arrested

Veterans Affairs

So this is how I spent my wonderful Wednesday morning:

  • Got up at 0600 on the dot to take my final at 8… which only took me an hour.
  • Talked to a student advisor about transferring to a vocational school… She ended up shooting my argument down and basically said I was naive for thinking about transferring in the first place. -On the other hand it had a good outcome that lead me to meeting Amanda, the veterans service specialist. -No! I’m not a veteran!
  • Talking to Amanda helped me with a lot of the military questions I needed answered. Enlisted or Officer. What branch? (although she was biased towards the Army) What career? ROTC. She helped me a ton. She gave me advice on who to talk to and what course I should take just for thinking about the military.
  • Returned library books; studied all the medical fields spc has; event planning and what not.

So now I’m about to go home and finish packing up my room for the summer and finally get a vacation that I need… If in fact it is a vacation and not a mini boot camp in hell.