There has been two bomb explosions in Saint Petersburg’s (Russia’s the second biggest city) underground subway. 

Please keep people of St. Petersburg in your prayers, because this is really scary.

Here’s hotline numbers:

+7 (812) 299-99-99 — crisis hotline of State Institution of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg
+7 (495) 983-79-01 — help desk of State Institution of Emergence Situation
+7 (499) 216-99-99 — helpline of State Institution of Emergency Situations 

Took up a comic-making challenge with some pals! We worked under the prompt: “He never ceases to amaze me”.

This one takes place after Yurio & Otabek left the Russian cafe in that one official art. I don’t write in the speech bubbles of my comics all-too often (don’t have a lot of confidence in my handwriting) but I really like how my penmanship in this one turned out~