St. Olaf College


Only at St. Olaf do you get multiple part harmonizing at a concert.

Today was a good bonding day with Jesse. And also myself. And it wasn’t half bad for my other partners, actually!

In classic autistic fashion, I needed the exact same brand of composition notebook that I have used since 2010, so instead of paying $20.46 through Amazon and getting it (x3) well after classes start, I decided to drive 50m (both ways) to Northfield to buy comp notebooks from my old college bookstore. I asked Jesse if she wanted to go and, with about 3 minutes notice, we took off on a road trip.

We had a jolly auld time driving there, just talking and eating and having her text my moirail for me while I drove. That drive alone probably would have made me feel accomplished & bondy for the day.

Apparently school doesn’t start at St Olaf until next week, so campus’s population was mostly RAs and professors. I could have given a shit about the former (having been one myself) but it was nice to visit some old professors and drag Jesse along (:^P) and just experience the campus and the weather without actual students there. It felt like most of my favorite things about being in residential college without all the insular social shit.

Turns out Jesse really liked it too. It was really fun pointing out all the beautiful things that I love and having her love them too, and one of my favorite bits is that we got out of the car in the main parking lot after I did some gesticulation at various buildings with Scandinavian names and we were walking to Buntrock and she was just like “wow, suddenly about 50% of your aesthetic makes sense”. My other favorite bit is that we chatted with Anne Groton (of 46 Stories in Classical Greek fame) about doge and memetic conversational registers and I sent Meda a picture because CLASSICISTS. 

Eventually we ended up on the 4th floor of Regents and she just kind of slumped over one of the tables while I nerded out with Doug Beussman and I came back and she was like, “I miss school and I wish I’d done it differently, like this, and what if…” and we just talked about it together and she crysnotted my tshirt and it was really emotional and touching and like…this was a good trip for me, and a good trip for her, and if her body hadn’t gotten shwasted from all the walking this would have been an unequivocally perfect day-before-first-day-of-school.

ANYWAY, it’s 1:49 and I need to sleep and I love you all


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The News from Lake Wobegon, November 19, 2011
  • The News from Lake Wobegon, November 19, 2011
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The News from Lake Wobegon for November 19, 2011

“Oh, we knew it was going to snow. We could see that sky—that was a snow sky. People who have lived here for more than five minutes know what that snow sky looks like.” Plus, discovering hidden treasures under the floor of Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church, Pastor Liz delivers a sermon on one of her least favorite Gospels, and Lake Wobegon exiles return home for Thanksgiving.

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The school is telling us that the signs are coming down.

…the decision has been made to end the use of the Christmas Tree, located in the Crossroads of Buntrock Commons, as a symbol for anything other than a beautifully decorated tree representing the arrival of the holiday season.  Therefore, it is expected that the community will refrain from posting any materials on the tree not originally intended to be displayed.

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