St. Mary's Hospital

Royal Bio: Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

◆ Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

◆ born May 2, 2015 at 8:34 AM local time at St. Mary’s Hospital in London

◆ second child and only daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

◆ 4th in line to the British throne

◆ first British princess born whom cannot be displaced by anyone, due to recent equal-primogeniture law changes

Charlotte is the french feminine version of her paternal grandfather’s name, Charles

◆ named Elizabeth in honor of her paternal great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II and Diana in memory of her paternal grandmother the late Diana, Princess of Wales

◆ fully styled and titled as a princess of the United Kingdom, HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

◆ second grandchild of The Prince of Wales and fifth great-grandchild of HM The Queen

◆ christened on July 5, 2015 at St. Mary Magdalene Church at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, where her late grandmother was also christened

◆ godparents include The Honourable Laura Fellowes (her father’s first cousin), Adam Middleton (her mother’s first cousin), Sophie Carter, James Meade, and Thomas van Straubenzee (all family friends)

◆ likely to be titled as The Princess Royal at some point in the future when her father sits the throne


The second royal baby has made her debut!

William and Kate welcomed a daughter at 8:34 am in London this morning, weighing in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces.

Prince George visited his new sister at the hospital before she made her appearance outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital with her parents.

The family then left for Kensington Palace so that the new little royal could meet the rest of her family.

Her name will be revealed in the next day or two, as it can’t be announced until the Queen meets her.

Hopefully we’ll get some pictures of Prince George and his little sister together soon too!  They’re both just so cute!

Congrats to William, Kate, George, and the rest of the royal family!


Happy Birthday Prince William! (d. June 21, 1982)

William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge, who will be the 42nd monarch of England, was born on June 21 1982, at St Mary’s Hospital in London, to the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana. Both Charles and Diana, despite the turmoil that would plague their marriage after the birth of their first son, worked towards bringing their son up in the most normal way possible. 

Despite this goal, William was raised in the most un-normal way possible. Elizabeth Grice of the Telegraph said: “William’s kind of normal meant going to nursery school wearing an electronic security tag. It was never being allowed to tell his chums where he was going on holiday. He was the quarry of photographers; caught in the currents of his parents’ misery.” 

And the misery was well known to William; who reportedly would push tissues under the door while his mother cried, and counselled her on her decisions regarding her failing marriage. He was especially close to his “Mummy”, but his “Papa” too was loved by the small Prince, which made it all the more harder to watch as the media covered what they called the “War of the Waleses.” 

Soon, his parents would divorce - his mother losing her ‘HRH’ which William promised to give back to her, reportedly saying: “Don’t worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day, when I am King.”

It would be but a year later, in 1997, that the ‘Mummy’ William had adored would lay in a coffin he would walk behind. He was fifteen, but that moment signalled the end of his childhood. From that moment on, William would be forever guarded about the press who he reportedly viewed as responsible for his mothers death. Losing his mother was the most painful event of his life, William himself stating: “Never being able to say the word ‘mummy’ again in your life sounds like a small thing. However, for many, including me, it is now really just a word – hollow and evoking only memories.” 

It would be four years after the death of his mother that William enrolled in St. Andrews University, leading him to meet another woman that would change his life: Catherine Middleton. William, himself, had recalled his experience with Kate in his engagement interview, saying: “When I first met Kate I knew there was something very special about her. I knew there was possibly something that I wanted to explore there. But we ended up being friends for a while and that was a good foundation. I do generally believe now that being friends with one another is a massive advantage. It just went from there. I knew over the years, I knew that things were getting better and better and we went through a few stumbling blocks as every relationship does, but we picked ourselves up and carried on. From where you had the odd problem when you are first getting to know each other, those have all gone and it is just really easy being with each other.” 

In April 2011, they married in a wedding watched by billions and by 2013 they had their first child: a chubby cheeked boy named George Alexander Louis. It only took a year and a half for their second child to be introduced to the world, another girl who will inevitably be one of the most important figures of William’s life: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. 

From military man, to loving husband, to the future King of England, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge has a bright future ahead of him that will hopefully span another 33 years. 


♛ HRH The Duke of Cambridge

Full Name: William Arthur Philip Louis ♛ Born: 21 June 1982 in St Mary’s Hospital, London ♛ 2nd in Line - House of Windsor ♛ Parents: HRH The Prince of Wales & Diana, Princess of Wales (d. 1997) ♛ Siblings: HRH Prince Henry of Wales ♛ Spouse: HRH The Duchess of Cambridge (m. 2011) ♛ Children: TRHs Prince George of Cambridge (b. 2013) & Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (b. 2015) ♛ Civilian Occupation: Pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance

Town crier’s royal birth cameo confuses US journos


FILE - In a Monday, July 22, 2013 file photo, Tony Appleton, a town crier, announces the birth of the royal baby, outside St. Mary’s Hospital exclusive Lindo Wing in London. Well-wishers waiting outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London might have been forgiven for thinking Appleton had the royal seal of approval. Appleton is in fact a crier, but in Romford, a commuter town just east of London, and in Bury St. Edmunds, a market town in southeastern England, not Buckingham Palace. In an interview Wednesday, July 24, he acknowledged that he had no official royal role, but simply showed up in costume after getting a tipoff that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth. Confused American journalists identified him as a bona fide mouthpiece for Buckingham Palace.(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis, File)

LONDON (AP) — Well-wishers waiting outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London might have been forgiven for thinking a town crier announcing the birth of the Prince of Cambridge had the royal seal of approval.

Bell in one hand, scroll in the other, Tony Appleton marked Monday’s royal birth by belting out an old-timey proclamation which began “Oyez, Oyez” and announced the arrival of “the first born of their royal highness, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

Appleton is in fact a crier, but in Romford, a commuter town just east of London, and in Bury St. Edmunds, a market town in southeastern England — not Buckingham Palace. In interview, he said Wednesday that he simply showed up in costume after getting a tipoff from a British journalist that the Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Prince William’s wife Kate, had given birth.

“I’m a royalist. I love the royal family,” he said by telephone from Romford, but he acknowledged he had no official royal role. “I came unannounced.”

That didn’t stop him from playing a bizarre cameo role on leading U.S. newscasts in the media frenzy surrounding the baby’s birth, nor did it prevent confused American journalists from identifying him as a bona fide mouthpiece for Buckingham Palace.

“The royal crier delivering the royal news,” was how CNN’s Anderson Cooper described the scene. On Fox News, Stuart Varney told viewers that Appleton was “the town crier making the official announcement in a very loud voice, all in his full regalia.”

Another one who misidentified Appleton’s role was MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who issued a tongue-in-cheek correction on Tuesday.

“Hear Ye, Hear Ye … Ye Old Department of Corrections shall herewith be presented,” she told viewers. “We identified this man as the official town crier of London. Upon further review we now have the full story. His name is Tony Appleton. He is a town crier, but he is a town crier in … the town of Romford and Bury St. Edmunds. But he is not the official town crier of London, which is what I said.”

Buckingham Palace did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Appleton is a man of many talents. In addition to his town crier duties — which include leading parades and appearing at openings — he works as a toastmaster, a kind of master of ceremonies, at weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs. He also owns a small nursing home in Romford.


Day 20: What an AWESOME DAY! I did not expect my day to turn out like this at all, but all I can say is thank GOD it was my day off! I woke up late after a long day in Cambridge, and all of a sudden I got invited by friend Courtney to go on a hunt for the baby! So my friends and I took the train to St. Mary’s Hospital, but first, we stopped for Korean food. It was strange. Apparently they keep service buttons next to the tables, you know, like the ones on planes and stuff. And for some reason like ice just isn’t a thing here in London. You legitimately have to ask for ice so you down have a room temperature drink. That is practically illegal in the US, to have a shitty, lukewarm drink. Anyways, then we headed over to the church and it was packed! Tons of broadcasters and just enthusiasts looking forward to the presentation of the baby and it’s information! Unfortunately we missed the presentation. But the baby is 8 lbs and 6 oz. and it’s a baby boy! I got tons of pictures taken of me because I bought a flag and was waving it around everywhere with my I <3 London Pub’s shirt. Truly patriotic of me *hairflip* So yeah, it was fun. Then we went back home. It was boiling hot out.

After Christina and I got home, we put on the television and saw that the baby was born and the easel was going up soon so we grabbed our stuff, grabbed Courtney, and ran right back to the tube station and went to Buckingham Palace to join in on the craziness! It was JAM PACKED. Like, as I said there, “worse than a Justin Bieber concert” packed. I couldn’t breathe, or see, anything. But slowly we managed to make our way up to the gate and we actually got a pretty good view of the easel! It was small and hard to read so I yelled at the police officer on the other side of the gate and asked him to read us what the letter said out loud. No news that we didn’t know already, but it was still cool to be apart of the traditional history.

On our way out of the crowd, some people with a camera and anchor asked if they could interview us. Of course, we accepted and we said we were from New York and studying abroad. They asked us how the easel was and I said they need to make the font bigger. They then asked me what I thought the baby would be named and I said Quentin as a joke and Christina said Edward. He laughed at us and said most people thought George or Phillip and we disagreed and thought it should be more unique. When we left we were like, “Wait, we should probably ask who that was so we can try and watch it later…” So I ran back out and asked where they were from and they responded they work for CNN International, Domestic, and USA………….. Oh. Right. I didn’t just embarrass myself in front of the entire world or anything. So far, no report to it being live yet though. We shall see if it makes it on air after our ridiculous responses, hahaha.

Once we scoped out all of the broadcasters, we headed back to the tube station, dead after the longest day of literally running around everywhere. It was a long day but everyone was really exciting and I don’t regret it for a second. I was a part of history and some day I’ll be an old grandma with a lot of cats telling everyone that I remember when Prince Quentin was born.