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Rams players enter field with “hands up, don’t shoot” salute to Ferguson

Several St. Louis Rams players came out to introductions doing the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture that people around the country have been doing to support the family of Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin led the team out of the tunnel, with their hands up. They were joined by several other players.

Later, after a touchdown by Tre Mason, Britt and Mason seemed to do the gesture in the end zone.

On Sunday, the Rams offered a few other small ways to offer support.

The Rams players, coaches and staff also locked arms during the National Anthem in a sign of support for the community.

In addition, the Rams took some steps to reach out to those affected by the unrest. The team hosted small business owners who lost their businesses to fires and volunteers who helped the ensuing cleanup efforts at the game.

The Rams also planned to play a series of public service announcements featuring Fisher and some players discussing how to build a stronger St. Louis.



Arthur Ashe Courage Award

The ESPY Awards Honored Michael Sam Last Night With The Arthur Ashe Courage Award. His Acceptance Speech Was Truly Amazing

Watch The Entire Video. It Demonstrates How Much Coming Out Encourages Others.

Way To Go, Bro!


Like Any Other Couple

I’m Still On A High From The St. Louis Ram’s Pick Of Michael Sam In The NFL Draft On Saturday Night. His Reaction In The Moment He Realized That He Was Achieving His Dream Was Priceless! Sharing The Moment With Michael Sam Was Vito Cammisano, His Boyfriend, A Fellow Mizzou Athlete, Who Came Out While On The Swim Team For The School. Vito’s Support For Michael Was Evident, As ESPN Covered The Moment Of Michael’s Draft. The Couple, As Any Other Straight Or Gay Couple Do, Embraced And Kissed, Enjoying The Moment Of A Partner’s Good Fortune. 

Their Open Show Of Affection For Each Other Was Spontaneous, Genuine, And Natural. And It Was As Groundbreaking As Michael Sam’s Draft As An Openly Gay Athlete In The NFL. Unfortunately, As Is All Too Common On Social Media, There Are Those Who Need To Vent Mean-Spirited Thoughts In Comments. Shame On Them! But Such Comments, More Often Than Not, Spring From Deep-Seated Self-Loathing, So It Is Best To Ignore Them!

Bravo, Once Again, To Michael Sam!

Bravo Too, To Vito Cammisano!

Best Wishes To Michael In His NFL Career.

And Best Wishes To You Both No Matter Where Your Future Takes You!

Go Rams!

This is a map from The Blaze that shows what NFL team dominates your region by county. This map shows America says fuck the New York Jets because they didn’t win even one county.

Michael Sam, defensive end for the St. Louis Rams, accepts the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2014 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, California. Sam, a 2014 7th round draft pick, is the first openly gay NFL player. Despite being the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the year and an All-American, his draft stock dropped after the announcement combined with a tough combine. Regardless, after the draft his jersey was the second most ordered rookie jersey, behind only Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns.

On Sunday afternoon, inside a domed stadium about 20 kilometres from Ferguson, Mo., a group of five St. Louis Rams players walked onto the field before a game with their arms in the air, a symbolic gesture meant to “let the community know that we support them,” according to receiver Kenny Britt.

A video shows Britt and fellow receiver Tavon Austin on the field first, their hands in the air, followed shortly by receivers Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens and tight end Jared Cook amid the lights and the smoke of the pre-game festivities.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher told reporters. “I was still in the tunnel.”

(Photo from AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)     

“St. Louis, Missouri (November 30, 2014) – The St. Louis Police Officers Association is profoundly disappointed with the members of the St. Louis Rams football team who chose to ignore the mountains of evidence released from the St. Louis County Grand Jury this week and engage in a display that police officers around the nation found tasteless, offensive and inflammatory.

"Five members of the Rams entered the field today exhibiting the "hands-up-don’t-shoot” pose that has been adopted by protestors who accused Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson of murdering Michael Brown. The gesture has become synonymous with assertions that Michael Brown was innocent of any wrongdoing and attempting to surrender peacefully when Wilson, according to some now-discredited witnesses, gunned him down in cold blood.


Press release from the St. Louis Police Officers Association, calling the Rams’ players act of solidarity with Michael Brown “offensive.”

Sunday, November 30th