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EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Karlie Kloss shows model looks in yearbook photos
The 24-year-old supermodel counts Taylor Swift as a close friend and has a direct tie to US President Donald Trump, but 10 years ago she was just a goofy high school student.

EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Karlie Kloss gives glimpses of supermodel future in Missouri high school yearbook photos

By Reporter
PUBLISHED:  20 February 2017

Karlie Kloss counts Taylor Swift as a close friend and has a direct tie to US President Donald Trump, but 10 years ago she was just a goofy high school student.

As these unearthed pictures show, with her long legs and slender frame Karlie  - was born to be a model.

The now 24-year-old Chicago native towered over her classmates in 2008 - her freshman year, when she was a 16-year-old varsity cheerleader.

Yearbook photo: Karlie Kloss is shown in a high school yearbook photo from Webster Groves High School before she became a Victoria’s Secret model

That same year she was catapulted to fame on the runways of New York and Paris, walking in at least 64 shows in her first season as a model.

The teenager was a huge hit, and immediately caught the eye of fashion bosses at the brand Chloe, and was booked to appear in adverts for top brands including Jean Paul Gaultier and Donna Karan.

As her career skyrocketed, Karlie spent less and less time in the hallways of Webster Groves High School just outside St Louis, Missouri – and finished high school via an independent learning program from wherever she was in the world.

Social media pictures by her uncle and often chaperone Keith Kloss show that in 2008, she did a stint in Paris with him and her older sister, Kristine.

Top model: The Chicago native is shown last December at the Fashion Awards in Los Angeles

Cute kid: Karlie was a cute kid from the start

Cheer team: The future supermodel stood tall among her fellow cheerleaders

There she was like any other teenager, posing gleefully at Disneyland Paris – only a few pictures, including one of her still covered in stage makeup, hint that there was a future Victoria’s Secret star in their midst.

On the rare occasions she did return to conventional classes at Webster Groves, Karlie says her transition to in-demand model was hard for her classmates to understand.

‘There was a lot of material for kids to tease me about,’ she admitted in an interview with The Sunday Times in 2015. 'I’d go come back from Paris with bleached brows. My peers didn’t read Vogue or care about fashion – to them I was a weird, tall alien.’

Paris trip: Karlie is shown during one of her first trips to France with her sister Kristine at Paris Disneyland

Family chaperone: The model’s uncle Keith looked out for her in Paris

Famous landmark: Karlie, Keith and Kristine posed in front of the Eiffel Tower

Good times: The sisters smiled while in Paris together when Karlie was a teen

Still, it’s clear that Karlie – who is the world’s eighth highest-earning model, raking in $8m in 2015 according to Forbes – managed to form treasured friendships at her suburban high school, which was also attended by sisters Kristine, Kimberley and Kariann.

In the pictures she is seen clutching the arms of girlfriends at key school social events, including the annual black and white ball.

Despite the fact that she was being dressed by the most coveted couture houses in her senior year, she was all too happy to throw on leopard print and a tutu for the annual line dance, not to mention a garish red t-shirt and gumboots on the school’s 'tacky outfit day’.

High school: Karlie and her sisters attended Webster Groves High School

Popular gal: A high school gal pal planted a kiss on Karlie’s cheek in a group photo

Fashion statement: Karlie was shown wearing a funky outfit to school

In an announcement that would shock no one, she was also decreed the school’s best dressed in her senior year – a no-brainer given that by then, she had covered countless glossy magazine covers.

She was also no slouch in the boy department.

In 2010, a yearbook picture shows her looking thrilled to be in the arms of an unidentified young gentleman on the dance floor.

Dance moves: The high school photos included a snap of Karlie dancing

Tacky outfit: Karlie dressed up for Tacky Day with her friends

And at her senior prom, she was on the arm of her childhood best friend, Gabe Smith, who insisted on paying for her ticket and picking her up in his dad’s 2007 Ford Fusion.

'It looked pretty funny because Gabe was 5'6’’ or thereabouts, and even in flats she towered over him,’ says a source. 'She didn’t care. She loves Gabe – they’re still in touch. And anyway, despite his height, he was still one of the cutest boys in school.’

These days, Karlie – who is more than just a clothes-horse with her studies at New York University and running her own Internet coding school called Koding With Klossy

Tall date: The model towered over her prom date

Teen talent: A local newspaper wrote about Karlie and her modelling career when she was a teen

She’s almost as famous for her friendship with Taylor as she is for her modelling, and is a member in good standing in Taylor’s famous 'squad’.

Karlie lives in a Manhattan condo not far from bestie Taylor, and her dad, emergency room doctor Kurt and mom Tracy, have left St Louis for Goshen, upstate New York, a mere hour’s drive from their girl.

But this doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her roots.

'She still hangs out with the small group of girls who stuck by her in high school whenever she can,’ notes a local. 'Everyone around here loves Karlie, she’s never changed. She’s such a lovely girl.’

A member of the Webster Groves High School faculty adds: 'Karlie always helps us out. She’s gotten our business students into places like Major League Baseball for class trips – no other school has ever been able to do that. She never forgot where she came from.’

No brainer: Karlie was named best dressed in high school

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