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I’m only on episode 4 of “Stranger Things”, but the level of innate talent this young cast has is blowing my fucking mind. The boys are all naturals…but then there’s Millie. Millie Bobby Brown has star power. I mean next level kind of talent. The last time I was this excited about the future career of a young actress I was watching 14 year old JLaw murder her performance in The Poker House. Give this girl a few years and people will be fighting to cast her.

harley had been working on some new coding for a client - something she had more time to do as the bookstore wasn’t giving her many hours anymore. although she loved the techincal part of coding, she hated running into bugs, as they stressed her out. the blonde was sat on a park bench, glaring at her laptop as she switched around the code. “why won’t you work!” she screamed at the laptop, closing it in a fit of rage. it wasn’t too busy in the park, but harley knew someone had seen her. “if you tell anyone what happened here, i will end you. and no one would believe you anyways.” harley said to the figure in front of her.

cool things about star trek beyond
  • jim kirk not being an annoying dudebro, no weird/sexist interpersonal relationships with “foxy” alien ladies
  • the horrified look on bones’ face when spock starts laughing out of delirium
  • the sequence where the enterprise is basically decapitated and dismembered and then set on fire is pretty spectacular (also when kirk and chekov are running around being badasses in the wreckage)
  • chekov being a motherfucking pimp, literally flirting with anyone and telling outrageous lies about russia
  • also chekov being an absolute sweetheart and getting everyone else into their escape pods before getting in himself
  • the sequence with the beastie boys playing in the background was actually super-cool and not cringe like guardians of the galaxy
  • sulu is a bad bitch. this is just a fact. super cool. super gay. very pilot.
  • uhura kicking ass, sacrificing her own safety, saving spock lmaooo
  • jaylah being super rad, unsexualised, intelligent af
  • thank the lord for simon pegg he did a great job integrating women without making it sexualised and unnecessary, integrating sulu’s homosexuality without making it this huge deal, making the film funny without making it cringe niiceeee
  • the photo of the old cast was a lovely touch. very well done.
  • chekov and sulu lowkey dancing to the beastie boys while flying a motherfucking starship
  • i’m just really happy that chekov got so much more airtime, he was a central character with a lot to do and anton did a marvellous job
  • the dedications to leonard nimoy and anton at the end
  • “to absent friends” — did the camera linger on anton? idk?
  • it was just a really well balanced film with good action, lovely set design, comedy, tragedy etc and i think it was the best of all the three films so far
  • i miss you a lot anton, thank you for a lovely performance.