MORE Hopper/Byers Household Stuff

  • El saying “stay away from my brother” really threateningly and scarily when someone bullies him
  • Will and Eleven becoming closer!!!! (They never really actually hang out in the series, but they’re two cinnamon rolls who would probably get along super well)
  • “Will, do you have a crush on Mike?” After he tells her what a crush is
  • Her hair gets SUPER long. Like, really, really long. She loves it, but she really liked when it was short and cute, so she cuts it to about the length we see in the series
  • EVERYONE helps to make dinner. It’s slightly hectic, but they all have a lot of fun.
  • El being introduced to a nice, hot shower and staying in said shower for about an hour
  • Her favorite food is mashed potatoes and gravy. It isn’t what everyone expected, the expected like cake or something, but she really likes mashed potatoes and gravy. With rolls too
  • She bakes with Joyce
  • She goes with Will to dnd night
  • Her and Max end up playing with them
  • Their first campaign is so weird bc they’re learning ropes and Mike ends up just saying their characters had a weird dream and ending the campaign early because all of them were bound to die at the end (this is from experience)

Khi trưởng thành tôi hiểu ra rằng, có một số kẻ chỉ tạm thời vui vẻ hoặc giả tạo cảm ơn khi bạn không ngừng hi sinh lợi ích của mình để thỏa mãn yêu cầu của họ, chỉ cần một lần bạn lỡ không làm họ hài lòng, họ sẽ khiến bạn tổn thương gấp bội. Có những kẻ không thể lấy lòng, cũng không nhất thiết phải lấy lòng họ.

Con gái cần phải hiểu, sống ảo bớt thôi. Một bức ảnh selfie đẹp có thể câu like, và những lời comment phù phiếm. Nhưng thực chất nó nhạt tới mức không ai buồn quan tâm tới đằng sau bức ảnh bạn thực sự là ai. Nếu phải dùng camera, hãy quay nó ra thế giới nhiều hơn là quay vào chính mặt bạn.

anonymous asked:

My birth name is Honesty and I've recently come out as trans guy and i love my name but I'd like to know if you could find or figure out a more masculine name simular to it

  • Hermes
  • Hobart
  • Holt
  • Hollis
  • Holden
  • Hoyt
  • Howell
  • Hearst
  • Harry
  • Henry
  • Harris
  • Harrison
  • Steven / Stephen
  • Sven / Sfen
  • Stefan
  • Stian
  • Sterling
  • Steele

hope these help you out! I took the St- and the Ho- (and indirectly He-, Ha-), and here are some names I came up with :-)

📣📣 @staff the government is blocking tumblr in Indonesia. 📣📣

they cited pornography as the main reason, and said that tumblr has not given any reporting mechanism for porn contents, nor have they given the government proper responses.

now i know, bullshit, right? we have safe mode, we have reporting mechanism, etc. etc. we have more than enough to deal with porn, and yet the govt turns a blind eye on this and just blocked the whole goddamn website.

for @staff , please contact our government, and tell them that their reasoning is bullshit and people deserves to access tumblr. for my fellow indonesians, and frankly my friends in general;

please reblog. put it in twitter. facebook. signal boost. keep it up there, on the spotlight. make sure that the world–and also, th Indonesian government sees this.

if there is one thing i know about my government, is that it does not like bad international PR. canceling tumblr on a baseless reason is already shady in and of itself. so let’s make them reconsider, make them cancel their decisions, and let us have our access again.


the partybrooklyn 99

“With all due respect, I am we’re gonna completely ignore everything you just said.“