Heechul/Ssul Jeon Talking About the Kris Incident

So I couldn’t find any subbed versions of this, but I felt that this is important. Heechul, who is known to be absolutely fearless of his own company, has basically become the first non-EXO SM member to speak about the events that have taken place over the past week. 

For non-Korean speakers (summary):

Heechul says: Kris’ situation is very different from Hangeng’s because Hangeng had difficulties in SM/Korea as the very first non-Korean idol and only Chinese member. He was only allowed on two programs, and he had a hard time adjusting to Korean celebrity life. He was also most likely lonely as the only Chinese member in SJ (this is said by someone else). SM learned from this mistake, and this is why they had 4 Chinese members instead of one.

More importantly, Kris’ biggest problem is that he broke the trust his fans had him in and disappointed them. He left with only a week until the concert, completely ruining the pre-recordings, choreographies, and other plans for the concert that have been prepared for months. Everything is in complete chaos right now. In my opinion, this is somewhat disrespectful to his fans. However, I think that we might have been able to predict this somewhat as before as there were many previous incidents, such as Kris suddenly disappearing from stage or not showing up to schedules. 

(The other Ssul Jeon members then talk about how it is true that Hangeng is making a lot of money after he left SJ, and that this precedent may have lured Kris, especially as many Chinese investors most likely promised him huge amounts of money if he left SM). Heechul then says that there are so many rumors that SM forced members to post negatively about Kris on SNS, but the others say that it makes sense that the members feel betrayed that someone they worked hard with suddenly left, and Heechul agrees. 

Heechul’s conclusion is “The people who are probably most upset are the fans and the other members.”

Side note: Heechul speaks very carefully on this matter, saying a lot of Korean equivalents of “This is just my opinion but…” and “It might have been…” and etc. He’s trying to be polite and respectful, don’t hate on him.

Who’s SM’s Yoo Jae Suk?
  • Super Junior’s Heechul appeared in the latest episode of “Ssul Jeon” aired on 21st November. He said, “We have ‘Yoo Jae Suk’ in our company too, he’s none other than Lee Teuk as he is a great MC.” He then mentioned that Kangin is Kang Ho Dong with strong body and kind personality. He added, ” I’m Shin Dong Yup, a bit weird but handsome”. Do you agree with what Heechul said on the show?
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  • Heechul didn’t say that Hangeng’s case was VERY different, he said it was somewhat different. But overall Heechul’s tone was extremely cautious, so he didn’t use extreme language, although he went onto point out many major differences.
  • Heechul didn’t say that SM made a mistake with Super Junior, he said (direct trans.) “…after SM went through the Hangeng incident, to improve, they put 4 Chinese members in EXO-M.” I kind of vaguely summed it up as “learned from this mistake,” which isn’t accurate.

I’m so sorry! I hurriedly translated this, and I also did not expect it to get this many notes. Not sure how many people are going to check this though…


(via EXID reveal they’ve yet to see personal profit from the popularity rise)

Kim Gu Ra asked if they saw a great increase in their profits after their “Up & Down” popularity.  Vocalist Solji said, “No profit has entered our hands yet … We used a lot of money in the past.”  Looks like the agency is currently putting their finances in order before the girls can get personal profits.

Check out the full story here:


If 6 months ago I had to say my first impression of Heo Ji-Woong(허지웅) in three words I would have said: Skinny, Smart, Perverted.

Now I would say: Sexy, Smart, and Mean.

Anyways, he’s getting hotter. I think his improving fashion sense (or maybe just trying to look more decent since he’s famous now) is helping too. His glasses+jacket+hair=HAWT

Sseol Jeon(썰전) episode 52 

On the November 7 installment of JTBC’s ‘Ssul Jeon

131107 War of Words- Kim Gura asked “If SM give their artists a chance (to write songs), wouldn’t they discover talents like YG did?”

Kim Heechul replied “Lee SooMan-ssi’s idea is that 'If you aren’t writing/composing better than professionals, just focus on singing well”

Heechul continued “I do think about (how) if we participated in composing/writing lyrics, we can also receive copyright money

But it is hard to go over the walls of Yoo YoungJin and Kenzie” Kim Gura asked “As an artist who receive songs from Yoo YoungJin

do you think it’s (good enough to) compete (in the music industry)?” Kim Heechul said “We also have thought 'what should we do.. after listening to the guide version.”

Kim Heechul added “'The Boys’ was successful only because it was SNSD that sang it. If another (group) did, I wouldn’t be sure.” Kim Gura agreed to his statement.

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Kangnam de MIB: "No sabía que nos iba a ir tan mal"

El miembro de M.I.B estuvo como invitado en “Ssul Jeon” y habló de los problemas financieros de su compañía y de sus sueños.

Han sido cuatro años desde nuestro debut. Lanzamos siete álbumes pero yo no sabía que nos iba a ir tan mal. La compañía tiene una deuda colosal”, declaró Kangnam con respecto a la popularidad de su grupo.

Cuando fue consultado sobre por qué creía que M.I.B no pudo volverse popular, Kangnam explicó: “No estoy seguro de si es porque nuestras canciones no son buenas. Cuando las comparo con las de EXO, las de ellos son mucho más geniales. Necesitamos hacer nuestras actuaciones más visuales pero no bailamos. Nosotros sólo nos paramos ahí y cantamos y rapeamos así que hay un sentimiento seco”.

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[NEWS] Heechul rivela che IU non aveva intenzione di essere indulgente con l'autore della diffusione del rumor.

Il 17 Ottobre, nella puntata di ‘Ssul Jeon’ della JTBC, si è  discusso sulla condanna dell’autore che ha diffuso voci maligne sul l’imminente matrimonio di IU con un idol. E’ stato deciso…

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